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Hangfa group listed 3 companies control life sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu each reporter Zhao Yangge recently, China aero engine group was formally established in Beijing, attracted much attention, which relates to the A stock, also became the capital chasing target. Some institutions are also concerned about the benefits of the incident to the entire industry chain. But in August 29th, after the A stock market funds, but can’t beat the rush of selling aircraft power, into the science and technology, the dynamic control of the aircraft 3 shares are highs. 3 stocks were controlled by the change of the people’s Republic of China, according to Xinhua News Agency reported that China aviation engine group was held in Beijing in August 28th. It is reported that this is the north and South car merger, Chinese COSCO Group and China shipping group after the merger, another big reform of central enterprises. Public information display, founded the new Chinese aero engine group, is a state-owned holding company jointly set up by the State Council and the Beijing municipal government, Chinese Aviation Industry Corp, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, registered capital of 50 billion yuan. Careful investors will find that in the formation of China aviation engine group members, there are Chinese Aviation Industry Corp, involving many A shares of listed companies. Therefore, the formation of China Aviation Engine Group also led directly to the actual control of several listed companies change. In August 29th the aircraft power release on the company’s actual controller to change the announcement ", emphasizes the Chinese aero engine group will become the actual controller of the company that currently only equity transfer. Into the development of science and Technology (600391), air force control (000738) also issued a similar announcement. The industry chain will benefit in August 29th, aviation power to more than 8% of the increase in the price of bidding opening time, once the impact of trading, the opening attracted pay 1 million 290 thousand and 200 shares; similarly, a science and technology in the bidding time, offer to keep trading board, 9:30 finished 1 million 196 thousand and 900 shares changed hands; another only the aircraft moving control volume concentration at the opening of 2 million 772 thousand and 900 shares, the price at 29.71 yuan. But the influx of buy, but far less than the amount sold. These 3 stocks, the trend in August 29th are highs, draw a long line entity, that is to say, the day early get paid by the "death" to see the light "buried". However, for the China aviation engine group company officially unveiled, causing a lot of attention and research institutions. According to the the Great Wall securities research report said that the Chinese Aero Engine Group Corporation was founded, in the production process of aero engine, its development, test and test phases, is conducive to the aerospace industry listed companies (China aviation power, the aircraft heavy machine, aerospace power), engine parts supply company (a science and technology, China dynamic control), and upstream of high temperature alloy materials enterprises (Fushun special steel Gaona, growth performance). GF Securities is proposed to focus on aviation engine industry chain, focusing on the core level相关的主题文章:

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