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Legal Maybe its the call in the middle of the night that you hope will never happen to you or maybe its a call that you expected all along, "Please help Ive been arrested and Im in jail" phone call from a friend, family member or maybe even your own spouse. Regardless of the circumstances of the arrest or the emotional feelings that go along with someone you love and care about getting arrested and thrown in jail, what are you suppose to do? First of all the urban myth that "only one phone call" is allowed once you are arrested in the United States and in the custody of law enforcement is just not true. There really is no constitutional right guaranteeing the right to a phone call once arrested. In the state of California you are allowed a phone call as long as you are not belligerent or intoxicated. The purpose of the phone call is so that the arrestee can let someone know they are in the custody of the police and that need help to either get an attorney, post bail to get out, or both. Phone calls from jail can vary from a box on a wall without a handset with only a speakerphone to an officer that hands you your cell phone and lets you make phone calls to find someone who can help. Law enforcement generally considers this a courtesy they provide for their "guest" that goes along with the free room and board for the night! One of re.mendations that you will hear from just about any attorney is that when you are arrested "anything you say can and will be held against you" so only answer questions about your arrest in the presence of your attorney. In other words, if someone calls you for help from jail, don’t have any extensive conversation about the arrest and what happened and why they are in jail; you never know who might be listening or even recording your conversation. The main purpose of the phone is to find out what correctional facility they are in and what they need to get out so they can post bail and hire an attorney to properly handle the charges being made against them. So collect that information and find a local bail bond agent that can assist you with your dilemma. If its in the middle of the night, don’t worry most bail agents are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Do a search in your favorite Internet search engine for bail agents in your local area or near the jail where the person is being detained and ask them about their services, cost and how they can help. Call around and .pare a few .panies to see which one you consider your best choice in terms of price and service. Under the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution, citizens have a constitutional right to reasonable bail. A bail bondsman is a person that basically works for an insurance .pany and will post a surety bond for your bail. A person charged and arrested can either post the entire bail or through a bondsman who usually charges a 10 percent fee. Posting bail is the defendants or arrestees promise to appear in a court of law to face charges, make a plea and appear at all court dates ordered by the Judge. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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