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Hisense Internet TV users exceeded 21 million   the first won the Internet TV platform – home appliances — people.com.cn September 7th, Hisense announced that Internet TV the number of active users exceeded 21 million, the amount of time the user of more than 1 years doubled. For most Internet users worldwide and record TV platform. In China, there are 5 Internet TV users, there are 1 Hisense. 2012, Hisense has the first Internet TV users, 3 years after the user exceeded 10 million. The breakthrough 21 million only used more than 1 years, the user growth rate significantly accelerated. Among them, 17 million 810 thousand domestic users, foreign users of 3 million 190 thousand. Behind the surge in the total number of operational capacity is significantly improved: the number of active users up to 9 million 430 thousand per capita daily online time over 4.8 hours, compared with the size of the user when the user pays an increase of 412 times the size of the user. The same day, poly Polytron Technologies Inc announced the establishment of good, poly nice will be positioned to focus on providing a large screen video content services independent brand, brand SLOGAN as poly, good-looking". As of now, poly nice gathered 99% domestic hit series, covering 100% blockbuster cinema film and television content, the total length of 1 million + hours, around the clock to see 115 years. Good education resources gathered 83% senior teachers, 97.2% teachers become the key universities, 3 million 390 thousand family education choice; in addition to all the needs of the comprehensive coverage of the preschool, primary school, junior high school and senior high school, English, interest, occupation seven characters, are covered in the television, mobile phone, PAD and so on all terminals, is currently the first domestic service platform for multi screen learning age family. Hardware strength, the strength of scientific and technological innovation, the strength of Internet operations…… Poly look good business, marking the three aspects of Hisense’s capacity is already available, the trend of benign development is increasingly clear. Note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. (commissioning editor Zhuang Hongtao and Zhao Shuang)相关的主题文章:

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