Hundred in September 28th to open the registration of brand advertising into the original content

On September 28th hundreds of open registration to brand advertising into the primary content of Phoenix Technology News September 1st news, held today at the Baidu World Conference on the content of ecological sub forum, general manager of Division No. 100 100, Xu Jiye announced, will officially open registration in September 28th. Baidu vice president Lu Fubin, according to reports, Baidu content respectively from the ecological content production, distribution, three aspects of realization of the layout, based on the integration of existing products and resources, launched a new product, such as 100 and tools. Lu Fubin, vice president of Baidu stressed that Baidu will be based on the content of artificial intelligence technology, the advantages of Baidu search to understand the needs of users to create a more powerful content entrepreneurs ecological content. According to reports, the number is not only open to all content producers, but also to integrate the existing content creation and aggregation capabilities Baidu. Baidu, Baidu and Baidu Post Bar know Wikipedia and other self built platform, such as Iqiyi and Baidu products, the future can be 100, push to the user. According to Ceng Hua, general manager of Baidu’s largest customer, introduced to the needs of the consumer oriented, Baidu will be more brand advertising into the consumer needs of the original content, to meet the needs of individual consumers.相关的主题文章:

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