Husband drove a truck collided with the electric car caused by one person killed his wife came to th 97179

The husband van collided with the electric vehicle caused by the death of one person to the top of the package [case] wife traffic accidents wife "package" the insurance company refused to compensate Qinmou is a freight company driver himmelsdorf. Last April 19th, heavy freight Qinmou driving the company’s delivery, in violation of traffic lights indicate traffic, met CAI (electric car ride after his wife Liu) is also in violation of the direction of the traffic signal lights into the crossroads, results of heavy trucks and electric vehicle collision, causing injuries, Cai Liu died on the spot. After the incident, Qin’s wife Wang claimed to be a truck driver. That night, Qinmou surrendered by alcohol in their blood, did not contain detectable components of alcohol. In May 27th of the same year, the traffic police team issued a "road traffic accident", that the two sides are the direct cause of the accident. Qin, Cai equal responsibility for the accident, Liu accident responsibility. CAI and his two daughters sued to the court, Qin and freight companies, insurance companies to compensate for the loss of a total of 531438 yuan. The insurance company argued that: for the accident liability and no objection; involved in the heavy truck company insured to pay high insurance and commercial insurance (1000000 yuan non deductible), the accident occurred in the insurance period; but Qinmou not timely report to the police, and Wang "top package". According to the commercial insurance, the terms of the agreement, the company established its compliance with the exclusions stated "(six) after the accident, the insured or the insured to allow the driver to drive the vehicle or abandonment of the insured motor vehicle from the scene of the accident in accordance with the law did not take measures, or vandalism, forgery" in the scene to destroy evidence "fake" plot, it has the right to refuse compensation in commercial insurance limits. [decision] "package" does not affect the accident liability insurance company should compensate Binhu court that Liu died of the traffic accident, CAI and two daughters were Liu’s first heir, have the right to obtain compensation, liability shall be borne by the infringer to Qin Mouyu. The plaintiff and defendant of traffic accident had no objection, the hospital with the accident, both the extent of fault and cause the discretion of the compensation liability Qinmou bear 70%. Qin driving a vehicle to perform their duties, it is borne by the freight company accident liability. Although the initial Qinmou wife Wang has replaced, but Qinmou has been accompanied by the scene to deal with the accident, and the road to the traffic police team take account of its driving by car. The insurance company of the exemption clause add black bold font, as to the duty of prompt freight company stamp in the insurance companies on the list, this clause. But with the insurance company to Qinmou Wang to replace the driver behavior whether to belong to this clause "forgery scene" is different, and the format of the terms of the exemption clause as provided by the insurance company, with more than two kinds of interpretation, should be made in favor of the insured and the beneficiary of the account. The Traffic Police Department identified according to the transcripts of on-site survey, the intersection of video surveillance and related inspection reports and other evidence make the responsibility of the accident in this case, Wang’s behavior did not affect the displacement after the accident, the traffic police department of the nature and reason.相关的主题文章:

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