In addition to Zhao Wei, who, learned London Fashion week you need this three minutes (video) melia kreiling

In addition to Zhao Wei, who, "learned" London Fashion week you need this three minutes [Abstract] except BURBERRY big show, known for innovation, open and avant-garde London Fashion Week has many other show remarkable. Apart from the BURBERRY show, is famous for its innovative, open and avant-garde London Fashion Week has many other show remarkable. Wu Yifan: what are my wayward hair Yan Dezhuan MULBERRY will show moved to London on the South Bank of the factory, the designers of flexible use of various styles of fabric: velvet, metal reflective material, sheepskin, diamond lace etc.. In the rough tough atmosphere, the profile is more elegant, light, a smart girl, and modern women’s independence is very tough, has the potential to become the leading brand of modern women’s wear style next. SIMONE ROCHA is to package the next church nouveau riche, interpretation of a very classic drama, a medieval atmosphere full of silence. The unique accessories and the sense of the future of the high boots with the whole show will pull back to the modern, into the modern avant-garde breath. GARETH PUGH was a mysterious religious ceremony at London Fashion Association main show. Each set of clothes are very three-dimensional, geometric texture and other like sharp is a walking textbook avant-garde style. PAUL SMITH in the spring garden as the theme, full of pleating fabric mobility fusion hand-painted floral pattern, slightly loose jacket collocation elegant straight skirt, with straw sandals, nature color to paint a spring rolls. High street big TOPSHOP UNIQUE launched a series of very real potential explosion of a single product in shape: Tooling jacket, zebra skirt waist, tapered pants, and more powerful is the end of the big show directly on the side of the exhibition is to see that buy, instantly XiuGuan containment packed with spectators. Pure ERDEM is the main image of women elegant, printing, embroidery stacked romantic interwoven a ethereal and elegant atmosphere. And the shoe brand CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA repeatedly staged a Moulin Rouge tropical sensation theme of the show in a retro hotel banquet hall, with warm charm presenting the new season full of island holiday wind shoes repeatedly. Well, the London Fashion Week is coming to an end. We’ll see you in Milan!相关的主题文章:

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