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International UAV competition ended: the world’s top model master gathered in Beijing Beijing – in October 23 Huzhou Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting) 23 days, "GoerTek Cup – the Fourth International Grand Prix UAV Innovation & Anji 2016 aviation Carnival" ended in Zhejiang Anji. From October 19th to October 23rd 5 days, in this beautiful village famous Zhejiang small town, has a thrilling sky version of "speed and passion". It is worth mentioning that the turbojet (formation) is held in Chinese open for the first time, brought together more than 30 world top model aircraft turbojet master from home and abroad, their superb flying skills and full understanding of teamwork, the audience is amazing. In order to promote innovation, promote aviation for the purpose of the international UAV innovation competition has been successfully held four times, this is the most influential event of aviation science and technology innovation in China, but also financial technology, interest and entertainment in one of the large international airlines flight event. 2015, the third international unmanned aerial vehicle Innovation Grand Prix for the first time out of Beijing, held in Anji. From 2016 onwards, the event will be settled in Anji for five consecutive years, the game cycle is changed from the previous two years held annually. The Fourth International UAV Innovation Grand Prix scene Xia Pengfei photo it is understood that the grand prix competition, including UAV UAV Chinese racing Grand Prix – Anji station (DRT), Chinese turbojet formation Masters (COT) three categories of events. Which belongs to the high-end sports competition, divided into two types of fixed wing and rotor race, focusing on the technical level of the entries, integrated innovation and ability to complete the task. The contest attracted a total of about 80 teams at home and abroad, with a total prize amount of $1 million 270 thousand, of which fixed wing race set up a competitive award, a record high bonus amount of 500 thousand yuan. From the Shenyang Institute of automation, Shen from the multi rotor team won the first prize in the Grand Prix race rotor class. The team players, 24 year old Li Bingbing told reporters that he began contact with unmanned aerial vehicles from 4 years ago. At that time felt very strange, the industry is developing very fast, the team members are very interested in uavs." The Fourth International unmanned aerial vehicle Innovation Grand Prix Xia Pengfei photo site, said Li Bingbing, UAV competition is the difficulty of the program set up by the manipulation of the aircraft, the program requires higher settings. In order to the Grand Prix, their team fully prepared for six months. In addition, the team from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics won the first prize of the competition for fixed wing. Zhang Juen, executive director of the China Aviation society, the UAV was born in twentieth Century 30 to 40s, was initiated by the military uav. Since entering the new century, as the technology matures, is mainly the development of mobile terminal, the rise of flight control technology, especially the flight control system of open source, usher in the development of civilian uav. "With the military UAV compared to civilian UAV in essence, is the extension of human production tools, which has a longer development power and live)相关的主题文章:

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