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IPhone 7 Plus the strongest interpretation of two cameras – Sohu technology Lei Feng (search for "" public concern) press: 7Tens, author of this article, the mobile phone industry veteran of more than ten years. The article starts in the WeChat public number semiconductor industry observation (public number ID:icbank). By far the most outstanding, the most advanced Apple mobile phone iPhone 7 series with a quad core processor, stereo speakers, remove the 3.5mm headset jack, increase splash, water resistance and dust characteristics, bring people praise the bright black, with brighter colors rich new features such as screen debut. The most let the user should be a double camera. On some in-depth reports: analysis of dual camera dual camera depth (2): ecological chain double Camera dual camera series (3) principle depth analysis (electronic industry must) about iPhone 7 Plus double intake before ICshare Xiaobian tell you science, double camera is mainly to realize the distance detection, dark enhancement and optical zoom function. Before the Huawei P9 double color camera + black and white color, RGBG is used to obtain the object color and black-and-white camera to get better light, the light intensity was taken to determine the object. Then the two image fusion, ensure the camera in the dark light, also can make the object color. HUAWEI P9 dual camera module and the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera, using a wide-angle + telephoto lens, the camera around using a different FOV (which can make the two point of view), different camera viewfinder. When the close-up, using a wide-angle lens, shoot the vision, using a telephoto lens. Optical zoom function. This is the Huawei P9 can not be achieved. The parameters of the two cameras, we can get from the previous dismantling. IPhone 7 Plus double camera in wide-angle main camera and iPhone 7 is exactly the same, 12 million pixels, F1.8 aperture, 28 mm equivalent focal length, although the camera is 12 million pixels long side, but the aperture is F2.8, the equivalent focal length is 56 mm. Some netizens according to Cook released the iPhone 7 Plus photo proofs, tap into the EXIF information, we learned that the actual focal length wide-angle camera, the main camera telephoto vice is 3.99 mm and 6.6 mm respectively. 7.21 is the coefficient of cutting a 13 inch sensor, if the sensor iPhone 7 Plus main camera is so big, the equivalent focal length should be 3.99× 7.21 = 28.768 mm, and 28 mm is very close to Apple announced. Vice camera sensor should be 13.6 inches, cutting coefficient of 8.6, calculated 6.6× = 56.8 mm, also very close to Apple’s specifications. As a contrast, iPhon.相关的主题文章:

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