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Jackie Chan on what can get Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award – Sohu technology because people enough to fight ah. California time 12 evening (Beijing time 13 noon), the Academy awarded Oscar a lifetime achievement award to Chinese actor Jackie Chan, in recognition of his achievements in Hollywood. This is the first Chinese in history to win the award. Jackie Chan said in the award-winning, 23 years ago in the home to see the Stallone Oscar when they decided they have to take a ", this time finally one day. Oscar (Academy Honorary Award), which is commonly known as the lifetime achievement award. This is to awarded Oscar Award for outstanding people not including areas or organizations, there are losers that comfort. For example, in 1929, Charlie · Chaplin in the film "the circus" (The Circus) in performance, screenwriter, director and producer in a body, but eventually regret missing the best actor. To this end, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Chaplin a special award, which is the origin of the Oscar prize. Later, with the increase of Oscar awards and perfect Oscar Award for lifetime people gradually evolved into the film industry contribution. The process is simple and direct, the 51 members of the Council any of you can nominate candidates, as long as half of the candidates can support the radio. In 1972, Charlie was awarded the Academy Award of · and the Chaplin prize for his contribution to the film industry. Kurosawa (1990) and Hayao Miyazaki (2014) two Asian directors have won this award. Usually the maximum number of selected three winners each year, this year, the situation is relatively rare 4 winners. Jackie Chan also received this award as well as the editor of the Anne V. Coates (90 years old), Lynn (Stalmaster) () (Frederick) (Wiseman), the director of the corner selection. Jackie Chan, 62, is the youngest ever winner of the lifetime achievement award in the history of Oscar. He said in his speech, this is his dream for many years. "I’ve been working in the film industry for 56 years, made more than 200 movies, and broke a lot of bones." Oscar winner Tom · Hanks in the Jackie Chan Award for that action comedy and kung fu films all ignored by major awards, and Jackie Chan’s achievements in these fields with John · Wayne (John Wayne) the legendary actor par, he also used the "fantastic" (wonderful) homophonic "Chan-tastic" to describe Jackie Chan?. Jackie Chan, formerly known as Chen Gangsheng, was born on 1954 in Hongkong, he grew up in the opera training class, won the stage name Yuan Lou, and brother Yuan Long (Sammo Hung) and Wah Yuen, Ha Ling Chun, Corey Yuen and others are called "seven small Fu", he notes相关的主题文章:

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