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Real-Estate Home registrations between the month of January and June 2012 in Mumbai have seen a marginal fall of 4% .pared to constant amount in 2011, showing some signs of improvement within the Mumbai residential property market on a per year basis. Between the 2 Quarters of 2011, home registrations had fallen a steep twenty two percent against 1st half the year 2010. While the Mumbai residential real estate market might need arrested some negative sentiments, the market continues to be far away from being said to be reviving when put next to 2010. Registration numbers are twenty five percent lower. The scenario in Greater Mumbai is dangerous of real estates, stated Mr. Pankaj Kapoor, MD and Founder of Liases Foras, a Mumbai-based real estate rating and analysis .pany. The slight improvement that has been seen in some months of the year, as a result of sales in extended suburban areas is best. Also, secondary property in Mumbai are seeing some sales, that is additionally reflecting within the registration numbers. However, the market isn’t good enough. The drop in sales continues because the market of residential property in Mumbai doesn’t have right product at the right value. If there are 2BHK residences constructed in Lower Parel, they’re going to sell like hotcakes, however that market has solely high-end residences, that consumers are troublesome to seek out. Developers place the onus for lack of right product in the market on delays in obtaining approvals for residential property in Mumbai. There are no approvals for brand spanking new property in Mumbai for the last eighteen months, that restricted offers latest homes within the market. According to a July fourth report of Knight Frank analysis, absorption numbers for homes in fiscal year 2012 in Mumbai are estimated to have dropped by more than sixty percent from 2007 heyday and thirty five percent from fiscal year 2011 to an estimated 45000 residential units. The Mumbai residential property market currently has an unsold inventory of eighty thousand residential units, that forms thirty seven percent of the full residential supply under construction. There is not any decrease in property rates and therefore the rate of construction has gone real slow in Mumbai that is taking a toll on sales. However, realtors defend high costs of residential property in Mumbai. There may well be no correction in costs unless there are measures taken by the Reserve Bank of India, like establish interest rate cuts. There has already been a 15 percent increase in developers prices within the last eighteen months because of new development management rules in Mumbai. With the price of construction conjointly rising, developers prices in residential property in Mumbai have gone up by twenty five percent. As approvals take time, developers get saddled with interest that they need to get the residential land. This adds to the price. Rates for land is itself high, as stated by the president of MCHI, Mr. Paras Gundecha. The costs can drop if a lot of residential property in Mumbai begin to return in. Since approval method is improving than last year, scenario ought to improve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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