Liu Shiyu to change the thinking of the market next week attack 3100!

Liu Shiyu to change the thinking of the market next week attack 3100! Source: WeChat public number "love stock APP" Author: stock blade Qiazhiyisuan, the market has a small concussion in the first half of 3000 near the fluctuation is more and more small, even once a "thousand sideways" spectacle. According to statistics, from 2002 to date, the more than 3 thousand trading days, the smallest amplitude of the top five, all from the year of September 2016 and in October. Today, someone finally found the culprit! The reason why the market volatility, due to a lot of private equity began to use T+0 trading strategy. It is said that a medium sized private team, "T+0" has more than and 100 day trader to buy low and sell high, could earn excess returns! The blade feeling, this is a "chicken and egg" problem! Is the so-called "survival of the fittest, the main market the largest national team, the earliest practice of" buy low sell high "strategy, up to 3100 to sell, buy down to 2800; and the new president Liu Shiyu since taking office, always put stability first, through policy and regulation, to prevent the general asset bubble" total, and Keqiang "blowout and cliff type change"! Under the new situation, the smart private have started "T+0" trading patterns, diving buying, fast shipping quickly pulled up, even after the sale back and forth dozens of times, gaitech Trinidad, Many a little make a mickle., do a good job, the annual yield of up to 20%, the brokerage commission income is very considerable. This is a heavy blow to limit death squads, "you dare to try for a straight line, I will sell it to you!" More and more, the team T+0 shangxiajishou, a point spread is, objectively smooth market volatility! The blade envisaged a similar "casino size" will win strategy: Based on a bottom silo and a large amount of cash, it fell to buy more or more to buy more, sell until after the profit rebound! (just an idea, but lower positions of the private, can do so, then some casheesh!) Replay: today a total of 32 cases of stock trading, only 16 less than yesterday, money effect is significantly reduced; over 5% decline of 13, Teng letter shares is sealed daily limit. Yesterday, only 2 shares fell more than 5%, stocks generally callback; yesterday’s daily stock rose by 0.58%, strong stocks have given a high exit opportunity. Two, 423 billion 600 million of total turnover, shrinking 2% mom. The mood of the market today, is completely follow Hyde shares ChinaNetCenter, Chinese Unicom three stocks fluctuates: debt leading Hyde opened the largest debt hot flame, the entire plate callback, the remaining XinDa real estate thriving market lean, early disc was diving. "White stock ChinaNetCenter announcement due to less than expected performance, the opening volume plummeted, a heavy blow to the entire plate technology stocks of high growth of imagination, so the gem index fell more than 1%; in the afternoon Chinese Unicom again A new force suddenly rises. seal plate, the successful launch of a state-owned enterprise reform mixed subject of speculation, is expected in the relevant international, Xi’an diet, Jihua Group to follow the trend of trading, the aviation sector, followed by the concept of high iron, late stock index closed red shock, all day long V inversion. On the afternoon, the market precision stepped back 30 days after!相关的主题文章:

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