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Mergers and Acquisitions: new changes will increase shrink, play switching sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu mergers and acquisitions of new changes: given by Zhang Jingyi near the new play switch has shrunk, the formal introduction of mergers and acquisitions market is experiencing a great change: exports are increasingly tight the market is getting hot. Under strong supervision, to increase the number of major restructuring plan and the size of the financing significantly shrunk significantly, buyers and sellers and intermediaries are accelerating the adjustment and adaptation. In the investment income under the stimulation of the mergers and acquisitions market is currently difficult to get a ticket, the demand for hot; the parties involved in the pattern has quietly changed, short-term speculative funds the opportunity was eating. A cold and hot, which lasted more than six months of regulatory storm, is profoundly changing the pattern of mergers and acquisitions market and law. In the view of a number of market participants, this impact is not a short-term impact, and long-term performance. This regulatory storm three mergers and acquisitions index down for mergers and acquisitions, reached a peak in June this year, the Commission revised "major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach": a number of control measures together, significantly affected by the impact of mergers and acquisitions market. In the two months after the announcement of the management approach, mergers and acquisitions market indicators fell. Affected by the new regulations of the most intense, is the new plan of private placement, the number of additional implementation of both fell, the market continued to shrink the scale of financing. According to the Wind information and the Institute of investment data, in June this year, the increasing market also presents a spurt of development. The first half of 328 A shares of listed companies to implement a private placement program, the amount of financing totaled 821 billion 968 million yuan, an increase of 188% over the same period last year; at the same time, there are also 470 listed companies set by the plan, expected financing scale has exceeded 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan. However, after the June release of the new regulations, in July, in the year of August, a substantial decline in the situation. Data show that in July the new plan will increase by 84, the scale of financing is expected to be $214 billion 100 million, the chain fell by 22%, respectively, by the month of the implementation of an increase of up to 62, the completion of financing of $139 billion 400 million, the chain fell by 15%, respectively, by 2%. August as of 29, the month of the new plan will increase by only from the beginning of the year, the scale of financing is expected to be $111 billion 300 million, the chain fell by 48%; the implementation of the increase of only about 21, the completion of financing of $42 billion 500 million, a decline of up to 60%. Another indicator of a significant decline is the adoption rate of mergers and acquisitions audit. From July 25th to start the second half of the audit work to the present, mergers and acquisitions Committee has held a 16 working meeting, the audit approved the merger and reorganization of the 33 listed companies. According to the Commission’s official website announcement, there are 6 listed companies application has not been approved, the audit pass rate of 82%. In contrast to the first half of this year, there are 125 listed companies on mergers and acquisitions will apply, the 8 will not pass, the audit rate of up to 93.6%. The current pass rate is also lower than in previous years. Mergers and acquisitions in the first half of last year, the rate of adoption, but also maintained at 91.7% level. A new approach to restructuring相关的主题文章:

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