Maxima Cold Air Intake Improves The Performance Of The Engine-diying

Automobiles Apart from being a favorite for a long time the car Nissan Maxima has also been instrumental in changing the perception of customers about family sedans. At the time of its debut in 1982 the Japanese and American family sedans were known to be good for day to day use but they did not create any excitement amongst the owners. Maxima changed that perception and it is now known as a front-wheel-driven four-door sports car. At present it is in its seventh generation which has been introduced in 2009. Since its inception, some modifications have been constantly made in it, which has helped it in retaining the loyalty of its customers. It has a powerful engine, a well done interior, and besides the required safety features it also has voice activated navigation system, rear view camera etc. It has been appreciated all along because it combined performance with luxury. Performance of the car can be further improved by installing Maxima cold air intakes. Power is generated in the engine by combustion of the mix of fuel and air. Actually it is the oxygen, a component of air which is the active ingredient in the combustion process. If more of air is brought into the engine there will be more of oxygen and better it will be for combustion. Cold air intake is a device which brings in cold atmospheric air into the engine. But why the cold air is preferred? During combustion the engine gets heated and so does the air inside it. Hot air is lighter which means there is less of air in the given space and so less of oxygen. Cold air which is brought in is dense which helps full combustion of the fuel. For the same quantity of fuel you can derive more power from the engine. That is a big advantage in the days of rising fuel prices. Moreover installing Maxima cold air intake will also reduce pollution, as less fuel will be used for generating the same amount of power. This is an important benefit as ecological considerations are a major issue now. You can see more about Maxima cold air intake at .ilovebodykits… About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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