Melon seeds used car announced the opening of Honglei Sun’s new spokesperson for the new ad on the l

The seeds of the second-hand car announced the opening of the Honglei Sun line – the spokesperson for the new new ads Beijing Beijing on 7 September,   second-hand car second-hand car direct selling network platform seeds today officially announced that it will enable the famous film star Honglei Sun as brand ambassador. It is understood that this is the seeds of second-hand car one billion advertising after the bombing of second-hand car industry and a new marketing action, spokesman of the start also marks the seeds of second-hand car straight selling net influence in Chinese second-hand car industry to enter the second stage, which is strong in association with the second-hand car second-hand car seed words, new phase stable industry leader. The seeds of the second-hand car announced the opening of Honglei Sun as the new spokesperson Honglei Sun on the screen is always a "tough guy" image, he admits has been the concept of life is to give the family, friends and fans a sense of security, to participate in the variety show "not only Zuowen Yan King throne, is to let Honglei Sun go on the route of success. Speak and talk about why seeds of second-hand car, Honglei Sun said: "the reason is because of the second-hand car melon seeds mode is very good, respected seeds straight sell mode can make both direct docking, to reduce a lot of unnecessary links, looking forward to the new year with a better performance of the." Melon used car CEO Yang Haoyong said: Mr. Honglei Sun intentions, dedication, professional attitude and melon seeds used car brand temperament is very fit. We hope that through cooperation with Mr. Honglei Sun, the seeds of second-hand car brand visibility and reputation to a new height, let more buyers and sellers trust and support of the seeds of second-hand car." The seeds of second-hand car chose Honglei Sun as its spokesperson, mainly for the following considerations: first of all Honglei Sun fans group wide coverage, the influence of male users is very high, and the seeds of used cars in the age covered height matching user groups. In melon seeds used car brand spokesperson in the research, choose Honglei Sun to do the highest voice endorsement. Secondly, Honglei Sun’s domineering image to a certain extent, and the seeds in the secondary industry of second-hand car swept one, quickly became the industry leader of the momentum matching. It is understood that Honglei Sun debut ten years, through countless classic works already in line a large coffee ranks, the art world is ivy. Honglei Sun’s choice of film and television works has been strict requirements, which ensures that each of his works are fine. Also in the choice of brand endorsement, Honglei Sun also maintained a consistent strict requirements, melon seeds used car and Honglei Sun to reach this cooperation, mutual recognition of the two sides reputation and influence. The seeds of second-hand car second-hand car industry has been leading the overall trends in the brand level, brand advertising and marketing strategy are tough professional has become a classic case of industry. The first one of the main advertising direct selling model deeply rooted in the hearts of users generally believe that the seeds of second-hand cars equivalent to used cars, direct selling mode is the best choice for users. Millward Brown the world’s leading marketing consulting agency (Hua Tongming) released a "2016Q2 second-hand car brand health tracking research report", the report pointed out that the seeds of second-hand car straight sell network has become the most commonly used second-hand car network users.相关的主题文章:

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