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[method] to play empty nest parents happier: buy less intelligent equipment this week as the master IT digital male, in fact I am in the daily in intelligence requirements is not high, a mobile phone is a PC, not wearing a smart watch, not even a Bluetooth speaker. But I actually feel that in order to facilitate the use of the elderly at home, smart things should be equipped in their side, to bring convenience to their daily lives. PS: if grab red robot energy production should be very promising…… So last year, equipped with a brand sweeper for parents, auxiliary cleaning home ground. This is the picture above. Of course, the filial piety process is painful… The phone… Mom said recently rub tired backache, I asked not to have the sweeping robot? At this point, my mother’s voice is more haggard: this I really do not use, has been thrown into the corner of the old long useless, you can not take away." Smart devices are really not suitable for the elderly? I was in deep thought. The original product under the wise problems: sweeping path by collision, leakage, serious chance sweep often nest in the corner out, life is not stable, often failed to charge by hand hold back… So… In fact it has already become home furnishings, quite place. These problems may be the era of intelligent sweeping robot common problem! In order to remove the "key" of the hat, I decided to start from the home of the sweeping robot, change. Recently, millet made a new sweeping robot, selling cheap and is said to be a good degree of intelligence, no use threshold. Taking advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival home, I decided to take it home to make up for a false intelligence robot fault, give mom try. Mom looks similar at first for a robot to enter the house, the heart is resisting to mom, introduces the method of using, help mom in the mobile phone set everything, which is a key to tell which is a key to cleaning, recharge, which can timing after mother brow seemed to stretch some. A few days after using, mom gradually discovered this sweeping robot really is not the same as before, no longer in collision test route awkward, no nest in the corner waiting for people to rescue, no longer can not find the way to charge. One little problem is that after the change of the space environment exploration robot before, sometimes judgment is not clear, so that the weight scale home before moving to push the corner to go, half a watermelon and put it on the floor to overthrow the home, a door that the home was a thief. So I said, as long as someone put forward the use of intelligent devices, such as the inconvenience of questioning, whether it is the elderly or children, this is certainly a problem in product design. And as children, try not to use the minds of young people to think that smart devices will bring enjoyment to the elderly, at least in the current level of intelligence in general, try not to do so. My mother usually is a restless person, love mountain climbing, the weekend with friends to walk around. In fact, this is like the movement of genes equipped with a number of smart wristbands, smart watches products are suitable for the. I have more than once tried to give her a smart bracelet, watch. But without exception, she was wearing a few days to throw on the. The core problem is not life.相关的主题文章:

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