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Michelle Chen double play does not stop acting relay sophisticated Hollywood Sohu Michelle Chen entertainment opener Michelle Chen Michelle Chen different shape Cungu. Big eyes play Sohu entertainment news by Michelle Chen, Tong Dawei starred in the comedy "Grandpa decompression Christina 38" national film is. Michelle Chen for the first time to challenge the comedy show, increasingly sophisticated acting constantly praise. In November 25th, another movie starring her "love of Hawaii" will be shown in china. This is Michelle Chen’s first Hollywood film. In April this year at the thirty-second session of the Losangeles Asia Pacific Film Festival, Michelle Chen also won this by "best drama actress award". Premiere comedy won the praise of "acting diligently" in 2016 Michelle Chen entered showbiz for tenth years. From the beginning with the singer dream decided to come to Taipei from the United States green, to draw the line on the role "in those years, we were chasing girls" in precision, Michelle Chen has been looking forward to try more possibilities in the way the actors, different life challenges. "Grandpa Christina 38" is Michelle Chen’s first full comedy show. To the greatest extent possible interpretation of the film "Tang Huiru" simple country girl, Michelle Chen very hard to figure out the role, not only active "self destruct" image — deliberately painted eyebrows thick, color coated, hair messy "hot curly hair", "Tang Huiru" detailed study in the end what they should wear specially with a friend from Fujian Fujian accent theory. Since the "Grandpa Christina 38" since the release of Michelle Chen, nuanced shaping and fresh interpretation of all comedy won the praise of many viewers, the house was gone, RuRu acting broke out, and from the black steamed buns, don’t let me love "," Michelle Chen is a singer,. Word sister, a film changed my impression of Michelle Chen, "in which Michelle Chen like a child, play the girl was not embarrassed to be too numerous to enumerate. Although in the vacation, but to see the praise of Michelle Chen is obviously happy mood enveloped. In addition to thanks to the audience to buy tickets to support the film, she also said: "I always wanted to play comedy. Very happy, "Grandpa Christina 38" gave me this opportunity. The evaluation of the audience, praise, criticism, I have received, will continue to bring us more and better works "the first step towards English performance of Hollywood in November 25th, another film" Michelle Chen of Hawaii "love relay will also release, the film by Chinese director Lin Haoran, Michelle Chen led star partner the" Twilight "became popular in Europe and the United States Jackson and Rathbone?" the speed and passion "series of Korean American actor Jiang Chenghao. This is Michelle Chen’s first performance in Hollywood. In the film, she gave a number of "first time". Not only the first full English dialogue, first performed in the emergency department physician, is also the first performance suspense romance. "Hawaii love" tells the story of young doctors in emergency department Lili (Michelle Chen ornaments) accident woke up and found himself in a strange life, not only married his boss Meagan doctor (Jiang Chenghao decoration), two people had a 5 year old son, and she ran in all of this.相关的主题文章:

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