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Open 100 stores for 3 years, the travel agency only for one thing…… Sohu travel about the peace of the world business model, Zhang Zhili said that 3 years to open nearly a hundred stores, the pace of expansion is still further accelerated, the core of the world peace is a borrowed word. 2013, with the introduction of the new tourism law, travel agencies engaged in the chain business model policy window was opened, Zhang Zhili by virtue of their industry sensitive, immediately seized the dividend policy. In the same year, the world entered the era of chain operation. For the development of chain stores, Zhang Zhili initially set the strategy is to go into the community, into the community only, can be down to earth, to really close to the consumer. But there is no strong capital background, there is no strong channel resources, how can the peaceful world into the community, to attract people in the community, the most popular crowd gathered into the Zhang Zhili’s vision. Large business day tens of thousands of people flow, the supermarket time is leisure time, these elements for a travel agency, is the most scarce and most precious resources. Moreover, large business layout, must conduct a market survey on radiation area, which eliminates the need for peace in the world market survey cost. Business super business, and must play a variety of marketing activities to attract people, but also eliminates the cost of marketing the world peace. And other travel agencies to open up their own funds to expand the expansion of different sources of peace in the world at the beginning, and embarked on the road and Shang Chao tied up, and go hand in hand. At present, the world peace and Jingkelong, chaoshifa, Yong Hui, Hua Guan, Fu, Wumart, MerryMart super have cooperation. Stand in the super this "giant" on the shoulders, since 2013, a short span of 3 years, the world peace has been in Chengde, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chongqing, Nanjing and other places to set up more than and 10 branches, more than and 170 stores. According to Zhang Zhili’s plan, at the end of this year the country will open at least 200 peaceful world stores, by the end of 2017, the National Branch to reach 45, the number of stores will develop to 800-1000. "In the future, the expansion of the Beijing region will all rely on the business to carry out, we hope the next three to five years, the number of stores in Beijing can reach up to 200." Zhang Zhili said. Leveraging: Super copy mode only channel products in the world peace partners do, most of them are China local even Beijing local supermarket chains, as merchants settled in peaceful world took a similar pattern with these supermarket temperament. Crack network field visits to understand, the world peace in a dozen square meters of the store, there are thousands of tourism products from more than and 300 tourism suppliers. Travel from Beijing to Europe and the United States around the world tour, from affordable travel to high-end custom tour, no matter how you want to play, you can find the desired products in the world of peace in the store. In Zhang Zhili’s plan, the goal of peace of the world’s users are completely copied the super customer, they are from all walks of life, a variety of different levels of consumption of the crowd. Therefore, the purchase of products in the world of peace, but also the same category as a wide range of business, and to.相关的主题文章:

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