Pork prices and so the game should not be filled with money steam_api.dll

Prices of pork and so play the game in the end should not charge money [source: daily] game Sina watch the author according to the monitoring data show that in some areas the pork price is 27.83 yuan per kilogram, the chain increased 0.65%, and the prices of competing like pork, once again rising phenomenon. Explain, at the beginning of this is not a wrong set, and people often accept the corresponding price of pork is playing the game in the end should not charge money is always a big game player are the confusion of life. Especially a sports game, as long as the krypton gold to enhance their own competitive products, and later was almost corpse again, even if it is brilliant. Of course, this is not implied from VIP1 to VIP15 in a password between "knife tower legend". Recently, the game daily on the Hangzhou electric soul network agent New Star League conflict, an interview, and this game, for example, to spend money to play the game on the exchange. As a class SLG+RTS game, game player, "star system conflict" is divided into "non RMB game player area" and "krypton gold game player". In other words, in a game, the RMB and non currency players are almost not matched together.   this is also a kind of popular sports game is a set, not only to ensure fairness, but also to safeguard the interests of the game. In the interview also learned that the "chief designer" is the Red Star conflict series producer, is also the world game circle legend, certain appeal in the United states. Chinese players for the game product consumption concept, after all, unlike the United States, in a game before the feelings, it is difficult to have the same impulse as the double eleven. With the advent of the era of IP and shadow tour linkage era, as long as the theme of the Get, can be achieved even without the experience of the game, players can also have feelings for the game. In recent years, the Star Wars movies in China is more and more fire, the Star Wars game’s charm is also gradually revealed. This is the reason the soul select agent "Star Alliance conflict", as with the two dimension and armor elements, Star Wars theme lovers with diehard powder characteristics. Described is the game content, as long as reasonable, what the krypton gold is not a problem. Because it is a kind of feelings, the obsession of comparable to "Lao Tzu krypton thousands of dollars just don’t believe a SSR". In the premise of the special Buff body also is not set the game into a pure charge money style game, is also regarded as a semi industry conscience. As for the other half, it also depends on the players for the game content feedback. Different from a few years ago, there are now great scourges called Internet addiction has become a sounding a person has no basic cultural considerations. Coupled with the popularity of computer and intelligent mobile phone, when parents hate to network have become the "Internet addiction patients". Games and pork, has become a necessity of people’s lives. However, due to the lack of stand-alone games and console games atmosphere, coupled with a stolen code, the whole network does not worry about the old driver spirit, unless it is the father of those big, otherwise, in.相关的主题文章:

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