Qinghai, the first ticket bonded goods clearance lformat

Qinghai Province, the first ticket bonded goods – smooth customs clearance Beijing, Beijing, Xining, October 23, (Sun Rui Yang Shudong) 23, Xining Customs released news, by the Qinghai airport Bonded Logistics Co. Ltd. entrusted Yi Ruitong Trading Co. company to import bonded declaration French wine 22 days from Shenzhen customs release clearance, mark Qinghai caojiabao bonded logistics center (B) the first ticket bonded goods smooth customs clearance. Qinghai caojiabao bonded logistics center (B) is the declaration of the construction of the province’s first home with the special supervision of the customs bonded logistics sites, the center is located in the East Sea City Industrial Park Airport comprehensive economic Park, adjacent to Xining Caojiabao Airport, bonded logistics center (B) covers an area of 110 acres, invested nearly 300 million yuan. According to Xining customs staff, the ticket declaration by the integrated clearance mode, through the national customs network system, by the Xining customs to accept the enterprise to declare in advance, through the audit documents issued after the release of the information, Shenzhen customs (customs documents to) release information of the goods shall be released. At present, these goods are about to enter the bonded logistics center. "We declare the goods from the declaration to the release compared to the former not only shorten the time, but also save the relevant costs, very convenient." Yi Ruitong Trading Co., Manager Ye Hua said. Xining customs staff said, caojiabao bonded logistics center (B) at the end of this month will be officially closed the operation, Xining customs will send regulatory agencies stationed in the center, through measures to further improve and optimize the management, enhance the level of trade facilitation, and create an international market and the rule of law environment, to promote the development of Qinghai province a new form of foreign trade, the new business model. (end)相关的主题文章:

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