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Reporter: Shanghai to buy fake divorce in the 600 thousand still can save hundreds of thousands of Sohu financing an utterly inadequate measure – and her husband for several nights after discussion, chapter Ling (a pseudonym) made false details of the divorce and divorce and private agreement text from a lawyer friend to there. Haramoto Akirei is still hesitant, but the real estate agency frequently call her two days to tell her, it is likely that the new policy will be introduced: divorce within a year can not buy a house. In order to buy a house, as early as possible to divorce! Zhang Ling and her husband in Shanghai’s financial institutions work, general staff, have Shanghai hukou. Two people’s annual income of about six hundred thousand. Originally not low family income in front of Shanghai high prices, an utterly inadequate measure. Buy two suites plan because the baby’s unexpected arrival and urgent. "The boss is 5 years old, boy. My husband and I are the only child. Married to buy more than and 80 flat room two households certainly not enough to live." Zhang Ling and China Securities News reporter chat channel. Zhang Ling calculations. They found that a total of about 6000000 yuan house, if not divorce count second suites, Shoufu to 50%, to 1 million 200 thousand more than the first suite Shoufu to 30%. Then the loan, in Shanghai, two suites can not apply for provident fund loans. The first set of business loan interest rate is the benchmark interest rate hit 5% off, two sets of business loan interest rates go up 10%. The first suite and two suites down cost difference is equivalent to the annual income of the Zhang ling. Fake divorce can earn more money a year, why not choose a false divorce." Zhang Ling and his wife reached a consensus. The next couple two people talk all night. Unlike other occupation, Ling and her husband work in the chapter of financial institutions, are very realistic and know how to protect their own interests. In their plan from the beginning of the signing of a private agreement text — two couples that divorce is all in order to buy a house, a party may take the misappropriation of the common property of the couple and so on. This drawer contract they seem to pay more attention to. Not only lawyers involved, but also to the notary office notarized. Financial practitioners do not always melancholy and moody. "The whole process, I did not like the online discussion, what kink of marital morality. I just want to buy a house and can pay less than a million down payment, the monthly payment of thousands of dollars in interest. Small white-collar workers living in the city do not have to be reckoned." Some helpless and tired Zhang ling. Fake divorce process is tiring. Because Zhang Ling is pregnant divorce, more trouble: neighborhood, police station, real estate trading center, bureau of civil affairs, do not know how many times to run, after much wrangling and queuing. Ling and her husband with a chapter of annual leave, and took a few days leave is basically completed the formalities. Various aspects of the second-hand housing transactions at the scene of the tragic queuing can not bear to look directly. For example, once I went to pay taxes. A morning of the team, such as more than and 100 people, just to let people look at the window of my copy of ID, then I have the qualifications to queue up tax inclusive. Transfer at least two months." Zhang Ling told the China Securities Journal reporter. In addition, the transaction tax, transfer almost each to pay.相关的主题文章:

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