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Scientists found that: the ancients also eat salmon – technology – original title: the ancients also eat salmon photograph: pniesen iStockphoto "Sun River upstream" people — 11 thousand and 500 ~ 13 thousand and 200 years ago to live in the United States Alaska Tanana River in the vicinity of the residents — almost did not leave what remains. No pottery, no permanent buildings, only a few baby graves. However, one of the few traces of scientists now use the proof of the existence of the cooking stove –, rebuilding their diet. From 17 different time range was found in the Alaska central area, and were very well preserved. Scientists wanted to know whether they can in a similar method by archaeologists recently stored in the bones or stay in the reconstruction of ceramic chemical isotopes of other ancient diet using the stove. The "upstream" Sun River scientists analyzed the stove, in particular for carbon and nitrogen isotope, and calculated isotope ratios. This enabled them to make sure that the food was cooked from land animals and plants or aquatic animals. The most ancient stove in 13 thousand and 200 years ago was used did not show signs of fish, waterfowl and mammals only. However, in the later can be traced back to the 11 thousand and 500 to 11 thousand and 800 years ago in the hearth, the higher nitrogen value refers to the mass consumption of fish. What’s more, the carbon ratio shows that these fish come from both the ocean and fresh water. Since the "upper reaches of the sun" is not close to the ocean, marine species must have been migrating from the ocean to the river every year. The researchers report the findings in the days before the publication of the American "National Academy of Sciences". Salmon bones from 11 thousand and 500 years ago has not found 11 thousand and 800 years ago in the hearth, so as to make the analysis become the earliest evidence of Americans eating salmon. (Zong Hua) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章:

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