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Screen jitter delay PSVR can break the bottleneck of the VR game? 2016 is the ideal VR big year, the player’s crazy reservation, the media’s highly rated, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive helmet delayed listing caused a sensation. However, after a few months, VR game equipment seems to be coming into the bottleneck, even high-end Rift and Vive are not as expected to break through the original VR boundary: establish the game its own ecosystem, to create a big enough App, support equipment cost and have not yet realized. 360° VR film on the YouTube gradually occupied a place, and the original leader of the VR game is not close to the vast majority of gamers. There are 3 months left in 2016, PlayStation VR can change this situation? Next week, PSVR as the unique PS4 peripherals, will be officially on sale in 2999 for bare metal. PSVR is listed in Europe and the United States Thanksgiving Christmas season sales, lower prices, so that the outside world is full of positive expectations for the future of PSVR. Compared with competitors Rift and Vive, it needs to solve the problem more vertical, it does not need the data and measurement units too abstract, only need to convince tens of millions have PS4 game player, add a PSVR. Comfortable to wear PSVR is announced from the 2014 SONY Morpheus project evolved, VR has experienced two or three years of changes in the environment, its core design has not changed. Oculus simple digital attack punk, Vive radical industrial wind, SONY pure white lines, black panel and rubber mask have retained the 60s science fiction space atmosphere, other similar HMZ head mounted display, but finally abandoned when forced to do subtraction a sense of oppression. In addition to the sense of science fiction shape, PSVR feel very comfortable to wear. VR hood will generally like robbing a bank like silk stockings tightly wrapped face, the head of the PSVR cover with a plastic ring, let the head cover is more like a hard hat worn on the head, the screen is "floating" in front of the face, let the head cover and left face a certain gap. The two buttons on the head cover, one used to adjust the tightness, and the other to control the distance of the screen to adjust the focus, easy to fit with glasses players. PSVR the weight of 610 grams, compared to other headsets to be heavier, though not clamping face, PSVR will still tightly wrap the game player’s head, inappropriate wear will cause oppression and accompanied by headache, flower makeup also can hardly be avoided. However, the weight of the head cover is more evenly distributed, and will not oppress the forehead or cheeks for a long time. Because the internal mask is made of rubber and non foam, not easy also played shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, the light barrier effect better, in the visual glasses and reduces the distance between the screen. However, the rubber material is relatively easy to slide, suddenly violent swing head or head straight ahead of the level, are likely to cause a shift in the play Danger Ball this kind of header game.相关的主题文章:

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