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Senior car: in addition to business and sports, what schools? – Sohu car in the martial arts world of Jin Yong, a hundred years of school, each generation will always have one or two representatives. Wudang Wudang, Emei Zhou Zhiruo, Huashan School of Shaolin Temple Feng Qingyang, see empty monk…… These people are noble and dignified, and the responsibility of martial art Kung Fu rise above the common herd, diplomacy. Whether it is for the peer too, martial arts assembly or the Central Plains martial arts contest, to fight against the evil forces, in this occasion, you can see them on behalf of martial art to figure. Because of his outstanding ability, steady, they are peers in the leader, faint that the next generation of leader temperament. Some girls would say, I don’t watch martial arts novels. It does not matter, in the bag of the world, this truth is better explained. Hermes Birkin, Chanel 2.55, Dior LadyDior, Givenchy Antigona Tote, Prada’s killer package, Cline swing package, Gucci wine, Balenciaga motorcycle bag…… That’s right, it’s just about a brand, the way you look in your head. Don’t watch the male readers. There is nothing to do with the girlfriend is a bag can not solve, if any, then two! The same is true in the automotive world, each brand will have their own products. Product collection of the essence of the enterprise, on behalf of this car prices top design and production process, consumers can get the most complete, the most complete product experience. Dongfeng Citroen, for example, from 1928, the first equipped with six cylinder engine sedan Citroen AC6 was born, CX, XM, SM…… A generation of classic cars to carry the banner of the flagship model of the law. Today, this task fell to the East Citroen new C6 body. In the just concluded Chengdu auto show, Dongfeng Citroen new C6 such as "big brother" – like T C5, led the new era of the new C4L, C4, C3-XR, the new Elysee SEGA and Citroen new C4PICASSO is the main models in the sale of all exhibitors. After the presidential retreat practice car "strictly speaking, the new C6 is not a green hand green. The French version of the C6 for the service of the French President Chirac Sarkozy and his successors, and won the "vice president" in the world. However, when the C6 to import the identity of the car into the China after the about 600000 yuan price had let this Citroen flagship zheji. Finally, in the closed door practice, made after the Dongfeng Citroen C6 unveiled at the Chengdu auto show. Only from the parameters, C6 wheelbase of 2.9 meters, four district level forest net Mi system and the air conditioning configuration, already lead the. But it is unique in that comfortable, one hand includes upgrading the powertrain, excellent chassis tuning caused by driving the level of enjoyment, including C6 to allow the user to sense the joy of harvest, science and technology for the convenience of car life. Throughout the new car both inside and outside.相关的主题文章:

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