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"Shaking" broken hair special "large scale front cloud" combined contributions show – Sohu entertainment "shaking broken" battle planes poster Nicholas Tse Sean Lau "corpse dug heart" large scale [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news   by Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Liyan Tong, Mavis Fan starred in the blockbuster action suspense crime "shaking the broken" will be landing in theaters nationwide on October 21st. Today, the film side issued a "special battle planes" version and posters, Liu Xie, following the "disappeared" after double winner bullet again combination, for audiences with a thrilling stimulation of romance, more "heavy" massive exposure stills.     Nicholas Tse Sean Lau "eyebrow Hot pot set to eat before the date of discharge", "delicacy reality show twelve Feng taste" third season hot screen, Nicholas Tse healing warm male cooking. In the episode, viewers see "shaking broken" into a movie studio vice versa Feng taste of the scene. Nicholas Tse played in the movie poker-faced Ma Jin said: "when the police is to catch the thief, is the day of cooking at home?" Nevertheless, this is one of the starring Shaun Tam called the "360 degree dead" was photographed the metrosexual man in the studio to eat, Hot pot snooker, doing sports, tickling painting. Sean Lau played the role of car home Wei is an approachable criminal psychologist. The special edition, a dedicated horse winner was seconds into the game, to a more comprehensive interpretation of characters, he in each of the different occasions with a different performance. In addition to seriously strict in demands in front of the camera, but also the core of Sean Lau studio atmosphere active, often "eyebrow discharge", people can not help laughing. In two the protagonist first met self introduction, Sean Lau will be "car home" slip into TVB niche "Ma Junwei", the studio staff directly hilarious NG. Producer Wilson Yip on the two winner: "they praise the performance of two sparks really badly, the two winner of course I’m very satisfied with." Nicholas Tse bluntly, with Sean Lau acting is a kind of enjoyment, after his interpretation, I feel that this person is really not touch, very funny". The "front cloud" combination of contribution "the biggest scale" show the exposure of the stills reflects the most incisive two actor dedicated professional, "Feng cloud" combination of film for the first time since the "largest scale contribution" performance, the corpse dug heart place, attracted numerous onlookers big coffee; Sean Lau into the second performance, clapperboards no, his face has been put in place; Nicholas Tse in the camera, he is still serious, ready to standby; more coffee Nick Cheung came to visit the set, three winner Qi together to discuss with the director Wu Pinru show details. "Duo showdown" poster for a continuation of the previous exposure serious cold style consistent with a panoramic view of the material: the main creative, cold gray tone, center background clouds, a landmark in Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai and other Asian each big city straight towering clouds, meaning the whole Asian Security city running Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau triggered at any moment. The two men of God in each side of the station, looked solemn, clouds seem to unlock amazing puzzle. "Jing Tian broken".相关的主题文章:

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