Sheng wealth market sentiment strong euro volatility significantly lower

Department of health and wealth: a strong market sentiment significantly reduced the Euro euro Volatility Analysis Fundamentals: Wednesday (September 14th) Asian market trading, the euro dollar exchange rate volatility decline, currently trading at 1.1152 near the line yesterday, the euro dollar narrow upward, the market sentiment is more intense. Days of concern about the industrial output data in the euro area, pay attention to the French CPI data, the United States in the evening to pay attention to the import price index and EIA crude oil inventory data. Strategy: intraday trend channel appeared Powei the trading day to continue selling: 1.1230 short, stop 1.1260, target 1.1130. Analysis & Fundamentals: Wednesday (September 14th) the pound against the dollar fell more than 1%, hit a two week low, after the lower than expected inflation, and investors once again focus on the UK and EU and European consultation may damage risk of the UK economy. The governor of the Bank of England [micro-blog] to open the door for additional easing, the central bank in the British Parliament end recess will resume the relevant consultations from Europe news frequently appear, drag the pound fell nearly 2%. Bank of England held a two day policy meeting on Wednesday, the market expects the central bank will not announce new stimulus measures. Traders expect the central bank will adhere to dovish tendencies.. Strategy: intraday trend channel appears broken bits, the trading day can try short: 1.3232 short, stop 1.3262, target 1.3120. Analysis of gold Fundamentals: Wednesday (September 14th) the international spot gold fell yesterday, the lowest intraday dropping to $1315.70 an ounce, down the rate increase. Whether the Fed will raise interest rates next week, the market is still uncertain, the trend of gold cast a shadow. Strategy: the price of gold yesterday, a false breakthrough and return to the channel, suggesting that prices will continue to pressure down: 1324 short, stop loss of 1330, the target of 1314. Japanese yen Fundamentals: Wednesday (September 14th) Asian plate, the U.S. dollar against the yen in the vicinity of 102.76. On the daily chart, pre neckline 103.05 is expected to accept the challenge. Next week, all the long-awaited Japanese central bank interest rate decision will be released, the Bank of Japan will undoubtedly become the focus of the media spotlight. It is generally believed that the Bank of Japan in addition to continue to cut interest rates has not. Lack of liquidity in the face of the bond market, the Bank of Japan believes that the negative interest rate policy is a viable option. But in view of the policy to the public, especially on the profitability of the banking industry pressure, the Bank of Japan also had to consider when the end of the policy. A BoJ official said: "after all, not a permanent solution to lower interest rates." Strategy: the United States and Japan yesterday rose more rapidly, the price is adjusted after the end of the channel will be very high probability to continue upward, waiting for the opportunity to. Analysis of crude oil Fundamentals: Wednesday (September 14th), yesterday the U.S. December COMEX gold futures prices fell $1.90 an ounce, or 0.1%, to close at $1323.70 an ounce, recorded the lowest closing price since September 1st. As far as.相关的主题文章:

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