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Small series Pro test! God skills: fancy peeling grapefruit, absolutely let you become a circle of friends, PA screen king"! Sohu and a little greedy delicacy! Great benefits are waiting for you! Changchun chowhound WeChat group public number cccht6 Changchun chowhound who is coming to the bowl. The discovery of these two days micro-blog above the fancy peel grapefruit is very fire, so Xiao Bian decided to test this method for everyone to use. (reminder: This is beauty, ha ha)? Preparation materials: a grapefruit, a fruit knife, a forceps. Sorry, my grapefruit? Jun for the next screen is very "cruel" small for the "accomplice", editor of Wuli word Oh, shit baby (reminder: with a fruit knife, babies must be careful Oh) is a little bit of peeled grapefruit skin this is simply a miracle I look forward to that moment a little… I respect you… Editor, is a man, the man I have than man hand grapefruit I hear that "badly mutilated" sound picture version:? Wow, you carefully when we are not so beautiful a little cow!!! But very cattle!!! The grapefruit peel is so beautiful yeah, take pictures of people is also very beautiful, ha ha ha Oh, too excited, succeed, we succeed! Medicine, medicine, and then check it out this step, is my editor with Wuli beauty combination, "stripped" all Jun grapefruit. Grapefruit Seed with forceps clip off all eat up more convenient oh (to a, the number of grapefruit seed ah) worse, my grapefruit grapefruit peel Jun the whole process took only 30 minutes to a small series of grapefruit peel Oh God skills, later you get it is not every minute to learn because of this "hand residual party" have learned not to mention smart you (hey Gu, I Anji) finished peeling grapefruit and Wuli small trendsetter editor has tired but could not forget the self… We boast beautiful… Soon we will accept all your praise is not in love with us by the way they were. Look, you have a girlfriend? The goddess will peel the grapefruit! Haha, actually…… I want to say… We… Is the nerve… "Beauty and gold Python…?" depending on the sense that there is the ending. Haha, domineering side leakage babies at home can try is really super easy to use "grapefruit peel method" do you know what God skills? Write into the message board to share the wonderful content you missed are here to eat the hot pot before the marriage was exposed…… Hongkong people in Changchun opened a Hong Kong Style相关的主题文章:

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