Soul of darkness 3 released the DLC film world of ice and snow journey of suffering (video) splitit

"Dark soul 3" Promo released DLC ice world suffering Tour [Abstract] today, "dark soul 3" officially announced the first DLC "Ali andeer ash (Ashes of Ariandel), DLC will be available in October 25th. Previously leaked information in DLC, "ash" tells the story of Ali andeer in the snow drifting in the world of the story, in the unknown world full of mysterious characters. In DLC, including a new game map, enemies, weapons, magic, miracles, etc.. At the same time, there is a new PVP mode "undead"". "Soul of darkness 3" released DLC trailer world of ice and snow in the suffering of the world players returned to the "dark soul 3" world, found in the frozen soil of Ali Andel (Ariandel) hidden a terrible secret. Players will face new enemies and new challenges, and explore new stories. The big white hidden in the depths of the evil enemy Ali andeer. "Dark soul 3" DLC "ashes" Ali andeer, DLC will be on sale in October 25th, priced at 14. 99 dollars. Second expansion packs will be available in early 2017.相关的主题文章:

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