Sparkling Reds A Taste Of Australian

Wine-Spirits What happens to a Champagne style wine made from a Shiraz? You get an Australian Sparkling Red wine! They were also called the Sparkling Burgundies on account of their red color. It is made in exactly the same way as the Champagne, bottle fermentation and aging on lees and liqueuring and then, resting in the bottle to mature. The difference however is in what else goes into the base of the Sparkling Red that distinguishes it from the traditional Sparkling wines. This style of making this kind of wine .es from the French regions of Loire and Burgundy. The Beaujolais region of Burgundy which is in the south, close to the Rhộne valley region, is home to fruity red wines. But these are made solely from grapes and are drunk young. However, the Australians are a breed apart where doing things in their own style is concerned. So in the Sparkling Reds of Australia, instead of the usual base wines used in the Champagnes or Burgundies of France, the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir, quality Australian reds like Shiraz are used. Some vintners are also making them from Caber., like the Yolumba. Others make them from Sparkling Merlot, especially the Irvine. McWilliams makes a more traditional sparkling Pinot Noir and Tatachilla a bright colored Sparkling Malbec and DArenberg a Sparkling Chambourcin. But by far the best are made with Shiraz as the base wine and just about everything red that you can think of. The wine has very interesting characteristics. It has a bouquet that is a very fruity with hints of oak, spice and chocolate. It has a palate that has a very rich mixture of fruits, all the reds and vivid purples and violets that you can think of; blackcurrants, blackberries, cherries and strawberries, and the underlying taste of the Shiraz with a touch of chocolate and spice. All in all, a sensual experience that seduces you into falling in love with it. The Sparkling Reds are extremely versatile. These wines are best served slightly chilled. They should be served at just the right temperature. Not too chilled and never warm. They can be served with a variety of meats, with the ubiquitous pizza and of course barbeques. Have them along with grilled duck or grilled fish and you will not be disappointed. Try them with the Turkey dinner and it will turn into an unf.ettable Christmas. They make for very good Aperitifs on cold nights. However, as mentioned earlier you can experiment with the taste. Picture a cool autumn evening, with the barbecue pit ready to grill and barbeque the meats and the aroma of a fruity, chocolaty, spicy and slightly acidic Sparkling wine, frothing in a beautiful big Riedel burgundy glass! A taste of that wine and some barbecue would be my definition of Paradise on earth. Some of the Sparkling Reds are listed here. Lower to middle range of wines are – Andrew Garret, Mt Prior Sparkling Durif, Hardys Sparkling Shiraz, Tatachilla Sparkling Malbec and Rumball. In the premium range are Great Western, Rockford Black Shiraz, Charles Melton Sparkling Shiraz, Irvine Sparkling Merlot Leasingham Classic Clare and Henrys Drive Sparkling Shiraz. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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