Stars of the Paris auto show heavy new car (SUV) (video)

Star studded Paris auto show heavy car (SUV) Audi Q5 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Q5 is Audi in the domestic sales of the highest SUV, even came to this generation of old age, monthly basically have over a million sales. Known as the "lamp factory", Audi announced two new generation Q5 headlights figure in the show before, at the same time we learned from the other channels, the steering lamp lights is new mobile, and may use matrix type headlamps. Generation stronger than a generation, Land Rover found 5 highly camouflage test exposure to the introduction of Q5 and above A5 has much in common, such as the MLB Evo platform, and weight loss of 100 kg. Body length from the original 4.63 meters up to 4.67 meters, the wheelbase also improved the corresponding growth of up to 2.83 meters. It is said that the drag coefficient of a new generation of Q5 can be reduced to 0.30, compared to the advantages of X3 0.34 and GLC 0.31 more. In order to reduce the fuel consumption, Q5 may be equipped with a 150 horsepower 1.4T engine entry version, on the basis of high power 2.0T engine and out of the same, only power adjustable rise, low power versions of 190 horsepower, 252 horsepower high power version.相关的主题文章:

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