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Surging: 20 times the valuation of the limit is "disguised consent" takes stock return – Sohu securities September 1st afternoon, according to the Peng Bo report, the Commission recently conducted overseas listed shares back to the domestic seeking a backdoor listing, the need to ensure that the transaction does not exceed 20 times the valuation of the profit forecast. For this guidance, the market interpreted as the concept of stock return to the disguised consent". According to surging News quoted unnamed brokerage investment bank official said, this requirement is equivalent to the concept of overseas shares can be backdoor return. When the low valuation of some listed shares are afraid of what would stir phenomenon, please make up a story, take the opportunity to move up the dealer. It’s not hard to be a monster. So, now we worry more about the problem is, although regulators intention is good, but timid and counterproductive, just like the original trial as circuit breakers." According to Peng Bo compiled data show that currently in the United States trading shares in the median price earnings ratio is 16 times the benchmark in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Trading Company, the median earnings of 57 times. In the Chinese Stock Exchange listed on the basis of the estimated earnings earnings ratio of 41 times. Started in October last year, Chinese stock market rebounded significantly, the Commission also restart the IPO, takes stock return tide again. Qihoo 360, Renren, Bona and many other stocks have begun to dismantle the VIE framework and promote the privatization process, some enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to return to A shares, 5 red chip companies over the past three years have been listed abroad through mergers and acquisitions of listed shares in A. The share of stocks in the privatization of privatization, the difference between China and the U.S. capital market valuation. Focus Media and the giant network after the return of A shares, the market value of the valuation and have substantial growth, the Focus Media completed in 2015 after the return of the backdoor seven holdings, the Internet giant backdoor century cruise. In the concept of stock return brings three aspects: the existence of a premium privatization process, the valuation of the valuation of private assets across the market, the return of A shares backdoor shell cost premium. Therefore, takes stock return tide once caused the market of shell resources stir, regulators had to sell cool fried shell. The Commission said in May 6th, attention has been paid to the market that was spread, shell resources to deal with the domestic and foreign market speculation attention, the Commission delisting is China overseas enterprises, through mergers and acquisitions to IPO listed A shares were analyzed. Unnamed insider told Bloomberg that the cap is calculated in accordance with the company’s estimated profits after the backdoor, some domestic investment banks have received this guidance. The Commission did not immediately respond to a faxed reply to Bloomberg news. In May 10th there was news that the Commission consider limiting shares backdoor return measures, including restrictions on the stock valuation regression according to certain earnings, in addition to consider limiting the annual shares backdoor return to the number of transactions. Daily the latest market operation guide and limit prediction will be in WeChat public number: publicize my eyes Kanpan, scan the QR code below (or WeChat search public number: agu819), you will get a different surprise!  相关的主题文章:

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