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Arts-and-Entertainment Another day navigating my way through the rat race. Wake up early, make myself somewhat presentable.and hit the road. Work is busy and mentally demanding as usual. Halfway through the morning, I desperately need to clear my head. As some would see this as a bad sign, I thankfully see it as an opportunity to re-focus. If work is my illness, my drug of choice would definitely be good music. There is noise all around. Voices talking, telephones ringing, people clamoring for my attention, and of course me in my head telling myself what I need to get done before the day is through. Dont get me wrong, I love my work but it definitely is taxing. My headphones are screaming my name and like an obedient student, Im only too eager to answer. As I place them over my ears, and put Shaun Barrowes new album Big Bang Theory onI let out a sigh. My eyes close and the effects take over. Im instantly transported to an outdoor concert late at night, listening to Shauns calming voice. The gentle chords of the piano and the addicting beat mesmerize my attention. Nothing else exists right now. Nothing else matters except the music. This new style of Jazz is unlike anything Ive ever heard. As song after song drifts through my ears, I can picture myself anywhere; a little caf in Paris watching the locals, dancing under the stars in the Mexican Riviera, or at a rustic old Jazz club in Chicago. Few too many artists music are capable of exhibiting the type of freedom I can experience with Shaun Barrowes tunes. With a light tap on my shoulder, Im once again transported. This time its back to reality. Its okay though, because Im ready to get busy again. Suddenly the work ahead of me doesnt seem as tedious as it did 15 minutes ago. Maybe during lunch Ill take a walk on a sandy white beach in Spain. Who knows? With Shaun Barrowes musicanything is possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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