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Health Many of the technologies used for astronauts are in popular use today without we even being aware of the same. For example, the best food safety and standards which were suitable for astronauts was found suitable for people back on the earth also (we are talking about HACCP standards)! Russians were the first known cosmonauts who had achieved technological breakthroughs in advance research in the field of space science and weaponry. They also devised something that is known as the SCENAR today only to help cosmonauts from fighting illnesses and injuries in space. The scientists knew that it was a safer alternative to medicine in space because one didnt know how they medicine would affect the cosmonauts health in zero gravity and other environmental hazards. The DOVE SCENAR SCENAR stands for Self Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. If youre confused, here is a brief description from the laymans point of view. The innovative device seeks to heal the body (mainly pain) with controlled energy flow to the body by targeting the nervous system. All the bodys electrical impulses and charge carriers are done through the nervous system. The brain along with the nerves and the spinal cord makes up the nervous system of the body. Now, scientists know that a variety of diseases can be healed and pains numbed with the help of a device that uses electrical impulses in short amounts. The brief electrical shock tends to put the bodys natural immune and defense system back on track and hence is a great PHA (or personal health assistant). Why DOVE? The people, who designed it, claim it to be a fusion of COSMODIC and SCENAR. COSMODIC is a similar technology like the SKENAR but was more used in astronomical expeditions than the latter itself. The best pat about these devices is that they are non-invasive methods of healing the body and getting rid from pain and other improper bodily functions. This machine helps trigger the bodys natural healing system; the benefits as seen are: Faster cell repair of damaged cells Regain of energy for those lacking in the same. Practically no side effects Can be used on adults as well as senior citizens It is completely non-evasive The device seeks to make the body respond on its own and that is where its main effectiveness lies. However like any other breakthrough product, a lot has been written about the same. And there are many versions of the SCENAR today in the market. It is therefore particularly difficult to choose one. There are many buyers of the same who buy it out of curiosity and end up looking for a better similar product; what they are looking for is the DOVE SCENAR that is a crossbreed of COSMODIC AND SKENAR. Throughout the article, SCENAR has sometimes been mentioned as SKENAR there is practically no difference between the two; they are just names of the same device. Therefore there is no reason for you to differentiate a quality product on the basis of the spelling used. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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