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The Fed is not terrible Trump is the United States, the largest share of the "black swan" U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant remittance network news September 9th – August S & P 500 index of optimism, as well as lower volatility. But this week it’s gone. However, the market potential power – long-term upward trend and the extent of the expansion, suggesting that stocks will continue to rise in September. In fact, the impact of the trend of the two largest U.S. stocks – corporate earnings and the Fed, there is almost no obstacle. Only the U.S. election may interfere with the upward trajectory of the stock market. The three quarter earnings, the Fed is not hindering the recently published data show that in August non farm payrolls added only 155 thousand, less than expected; in addition the manufacturing service industry appeared signs of contraction, the lowest growth rate since 2010. These weak economic data is almost the end of the market interest rate hike in September is expected, the futures market shows that in September the probability of interest rate hike is only 22%. U.S. financial website MarketWatch columnist, GoldenEgg Investing founder Gold (Howard R.Gold) said, because the fed in a week before the election held November rate decision, taking into account the uncertainty of the election, November expected to halt the troops and wait. Then in December the Fed will raise interest rates only possible. Therefore, before the interest rate will not become an obstacle to the stock market upward. Third quarter corporate earnings will kick off in October 13th. Following four consecutive quarters of decline in the S & P 500 company profits, analysts expect revenue will begin to rebound in the third quarter, fourth quarter earnings began to rise. Study on the standard & Poor’s market intelligence chief investment strategist Stovall (Sam Stovall) said that some positive signs over the past 7 years, the third quarter of the actual earnings per share than the original estimate of an average of 3.5%. Profit decline will no longer be a drag on the stock market. This is why the election uncertainty is the biggest obstacle facing the rising stock market, suffered a crisis of confidence in the Democratic candidate Hilary (Hillary Clinton) and the Republican candidate feared and reviled Trump (Donald Trump) between the competition, may cause the fall of the stock market downturn. Wall Street has selected Hilary as the president of the current poll results become more apparent, Trump’s support rate is less than the rate of. Trump’s "absurd policy", plain and offensive comments made it impossible for him to gain support from suburban women and higher education voters. And into the mail door Hilary is not optimistic. But Gold believes that Hilary will win easily. Standard & Poor’s U.S. equity strategist Stovall (Sam Stovall) has pointed out that the S & P 500 index in predicting the results of the election results in excellent historical performance. Stovall said that since 1944, if the S & P 500 index from July 31st to October, the day was 1 in相关的主题文章:

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