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The first domestic aircraft carrier ship Island 60 meters long and two compartment size (Figure) – Sohu military channel page first: domestic carrier again exposed the latest progress [click into the picture carrier panorama next page] is being built. Related reports: in late September, China’s first domestic ship was built in Dalian shipyard began to lift the ship island. From the shipyard was located next to the shipyard can be seen, the ship’s main structure is divided into two major modules on the shore of the shore were built separately, and then hoisted to the aircraft carrier deck crane. Before the national day, the front of the ship island has completed the installation, and on Tuesday, the second half of the aircraft carrier ship island by the shipyard during the long holiday overtime to complete the lifting. At this point, the first domestic aircraft carrier of large components basically completed the installation, the Chinese aircraft carrier has therefore taken shape. Look for aircraft carriers in the Department of defense before judging from the introduction and the basic configuration of the parties, the first domestic aircraft carrier and the destroyer Liaoning the same. With the China practical grasp carrier design experience and key powertrain technology level is basic and derived from "Liaoning" ship (that is, 1143.6 Soviet aircraft carrier) continued, so the carrier in the overall size, layout and performance should be the same. But different with the concept of Sino Soviet aircraft carrier, the Chinese engineer ship in this size, according to the experience based transformation "Liaoning" ship, various details of the design for the carrier to do a lot of changes. The flight deck and carrier ship island as the big two, the improvement is naturally most attention. Especially the "Liaoning" from the ship 70 meters long island type 1143.5, has been regarded as the "Liaoning" ship aviation operation ability to improve the "key barriers", so we also eagerly expect the new carrier of the island can be significantly improved. But this Tuesday to complete the lifting of the ship island has disappointed many people. Although there is no exact figures, but most people visual out of the results are "not much short". Originally, we all look forward to the United States and the small ship Island did not appear to stay on the deck is still a small size of the building looks. Why aircraft carrier ship island to reduce? I am afraid this is not what the problem is, after all, in this limited carrier deck while the operation of a dozen or more aircraft frame, can dispatch deck area better, with a larger size if the island, is obviously not conducive to carry out the work. Since the birth of the aircraft carrier, want to ship the island to the eradication of ideas and examples are no longer a minority. But why can’t ship Island, this problem is not so good answer. Modern sense of the aircraft carrier ship Island, as part of the ship’s space, but also an important carrier on the ship platform. Generally speaking, the island is at the top of large electronic equipment centralized location on the ship, and the ship island in addition to the general ship required to ship island such as sailing, a lot of the cabin is left to the ship’s aviation operations, including the Taiwan side aviation personnel to observe operation of the deck of the aircraft carrier deck, dispatching command room, standby pilots and ground crew lounge, and ship combat relevant compartments they have a lot to ship into the island..相关的主题文章:

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