The grand goal of Zuckerberg investment 3 billion the establishment of Atlas of human cells gamelink

The grand goal of Zuckerberg investment 3 billion: the establishment of "Atlas" Zuckerberg lead human cells: America Media "MIT Technology Review" recently wrote an article, introduced the grand goal of billionaire Zuckerberg, namely the establishment of a BioHub experimental study of human biology room, a variety of different cell types, the establishment of the "Atlas of cells". The following is the main content of this article: create "Atlas" for all human cells, billionaire Zuckerberg has become the first big money donors. Stephen (Stephen Quake) version of quark biology laboratory at Stanford University, looks like the famous famous New Jersey seminar. The curtains hanging in the hallway of the projection device strange buzzing, crackling on. Here, you may meet the quark, the inventor of 135 patents, but it is unlikely to touch a faded shirt, sleeping on a bench, such as the well-known inventor Edison. In September of this year, the quark was named BioHub co president, which is a $six hundred million research center, Facebook billionaire Mark & apos; s investment and construction in the United States, the United States. The main purpose of BioHub is to create a huge catalog of human cells, known as the "Atlas of cells". Quark, BioHub and a large number of researchers around the world believe that mapping millions of human cells is a feat that can help pharmaceutical companies and scientists find new ways to treat disease. Textbooks say there are 300 types of cells, some of which carries oxygen in the blood, there is a long-term presence in the nerve cells in the brain, in some eyes, the digital camera photoreceptor function. But the actual number may be larger, perhaps 10000, but they cannot be distinguished under ordinary microscope, he said. What scientists are going to do now is to examine the molecular characteristics of tens of millions of human cells and to find each type of cell in the body. Such maps can be very useful to scientists and pharmaceutical companies, for example, to find new drugs that might have a role in cells. Changes in the immune system to fight against cancer, may be the next generation of cancer therapy. To study the individual cells with the aid of Atlas Project or quark and others by capture in the microfluidic channel of the invention, in order to allow researchers to move between single cells in a microfluidic chip channel. The technology can be valuable, because scientists can capture cells in oil or blisters, separate them, using gene sequencing analysis. "I don’t know if this is not the most popular biological field, but should be very close to everyone and their grandmother all want to do this," Evans, a molecular biologist at the Harvard University, said Marcus (Evan Macosko). An existing method for large scale data production is to detect which individual cells are trying to make proteins. The result, as a molecular fingerprint, has led to the discovery of new thin spots in the retina and brain相关的主题文章:

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