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The Japanese military commander Andouble internal? Japanese people: Japan’s patron saint of information: Harris examines Harris’s identity may find more. The 60 year old Harris was born in Yokosuka County of Kanagawa city in Japan, is the father of American soldiers, the mother is from Kobe Japanese. Japanese right-wing media cheered him as such is the first senior officials in the US military alliance "is Japanese, symbolic figures". In January this year, Harris has said that as long as the China attack the Diaoyu Islands, the United States will undoubtedly prevent Wei Japan, and held talks in July to visit Japan and Andouble, stressed that "the Japan US alliance is the key to peace and stability in the Asia Pacific region". The Japanese people through the AMEBA website Bowen said, Harris for Japan is "the best time to usher in the strongest patron". Harris said 15 days to eat "reassurance of some Japanese media". Jiji said, through Harris’s speech once again confirmed that the U.S. intervention in Asia, and thus can alleviate the wavering allies worry. 17, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will meet with Trump in Trumpt tower, New York. "India express" 16 commented that a veteran congressman is flowing aristocratic blood, a layman is no diplomatic or government experience arrogant, Andouble and Trump disagree on many issues such as free trade. Quoted in for Andouble’s visit to a Japanese person to prepare the saying that the primary purpose of this meeting is to establish personal relationships, rather than arguing for specific problems. U.S. "foreign policy" magazine article analysis said that the meeting is November 9th Andouble called Trump to congratulate him on being elected when proposed, is the first time Trump with an Asian leaders summit held quasi, Asia and Europe will be at the meeting. At this meeting, Andouble will be a good listener, Trump came to Japan on security in the country what it means in the deep concern, some of the core Trump advisers have already as a knight of pride to tell Washington that Asian countries embassy, the United States may need to reconsider military presence in the Asia Pacific to promote, or from the rest of Asia to focus on terrorism or the domestic economy problem. What does Andouble want from Trump? CNN16 said that Andouble wants to get U.S. security guarantees, want to know how to deal with North Korea, Trump. As the Asian Research Center of Japan Temple University director of Kingston quoted Trump’s victory, increase the uncertainty in the whole of asia. From the Chinese to Japan to Southeast Asian countries, the region’s leaders are wondering whether Trump will fulfill his campaign promises, those views may regroup alliance, overturning geopolitical map, full-blown conflict. Iuhm Fujiki, an international political scholar in Japan, told the country’s media that the talks between Mr Abe and Mr Trump were "a good opportunity for Japan to take the lead in Asia and contain China."".相关的主题文章:

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