The news says Pokemon go next stop will be landing in China

The news "Pokemon GO" next stop will be landing China according to technology blog TechCrunch reporter Jon Russel revealed on twitter, Niantic President CEO John Hank (John  Hanke) revealed at the TechCrunch IT conference held in TechCrunch Dinsprut, China or India will become the "Pokemon" GO the next line state. However, the reporter then said that the possibility of the future of the game on the line of India is even greater, because China’s regulatory requirements are clearly more difficult to achieve. In TC  Dinsprut, John Hank further revealed a plan for the future, in the earlier apple iPhnoe conference, Niantic announced the "Pokemon GO" will be landing Apple Watch, but Hank confirmed that this does not mean that the game will be the exclusive, he said other devices, such as Google Andriod Wear that will be considered for landing in the range of Niantic. In addition to the Apple version of Watch, Niantic also has a Nintendo to help develop wearable devices Pokemon Go Plus, priced at $35, will be officially listed in September 16th. Since its launch, "Pokemon GO" performance, through the combination of geographic location and AR technology, coupled with the popularity of IP around the Nintendo "Pokemon", make the game in the summer and quickly occupied the mobile phone game player, has become the most popular summer game downloads and highs. According to official data released in September 8th, since its launch in July, Pokemon GO cumulative downloads have more than 500 million times, to maintain the highest downloads of Apple’s App Store released the first week of record. Although the results are excellent, but it is inevitable that the game will gradually reduce the heat, Pokemon GO need to expand new markets. Market research firm Slice Intelligence released report shows that the wizard treasure dream: GO (Pokemon Go) in the game compared to the peak of the user in July 15th this year, fell nearly 79 percentage points. If the game is sold in China, it will greatly increase the revenue.相关的主题文章:

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