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The British also mad Trump, Xingang iron and steel plant re – Sohu technology [Technews] the science news Trump was elected, rust belt (Rust Belt) for its great contributions, blue collar workers become an important key to the election, and Trump also promised that the United States will revitalize the iron and steel industry, and after Tata Steel (Tata Steel) from the UK side by side. But now there is a steel tycoon Trump see boom, want to reopen the steel plant in the UK, and bring more than and 600 jobs to the local. Britain’s removal of the euro and the steel crisis itself can not be separated from the relationship, which is in common with the election of Trump. After the referendum, the British Steel Industry and trade unions have been lobbying the government, hoping to make its commitment to more infrastructure in the use of domestic steel. Now specializing in metal production and trade Liberty House group president Sanjeev Gupta pointed out that in the next two years to rebuild the Xingang iron and steel plant, and the introduction of new renewable energy production. In the shadow of Tata Steel has not yet disappeared on the occasion, it can be said to be contrarian. Since Tata Steel due to profit after selling its poor British business, recently also came 60 million in order to avoid severance costs, and close the employee pension fund. Although it has not yet been sold in Britain’s steel mills, but this has undoubtedly aroused the anger of British employees. Even on the 9 day of the U.S. presidential election results came out, the British Steel workers also held a protest against foreign cheap steel into europe. And that’s why Trump got the support of the steel industry. Gupta said that he was very encouraging to Trump elected, it was decided in the U.S. presidential election results come out within a few hours, the United States will comply with the enthusiasm of the re launched the British Steel Factory, and draw lessons from the election. He will re evaluate the steel factory plan, and at the end of December to visit the United states. Gupta stressed that although Trump is unlikely to achieve all the political, but he believes that at least will honor its commitment to the industry, and expand infrastructure construction. But Turner, a steel union representative who originally supported Hilary, points out that Mark is skeptical, but understands why many people are willing to support Mr Trump. Because when you have nothing to lose, no matter how the change will not be bad. (the first figure source: Pixabay) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章:

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