The weather turns better this morning, and a new round of rain is coming on Tuesday superrecovery

This weather to laundry on Tuesday a new round of rain hit Express News (reporter Xu Cen) today, the "frost" autumn is the last solar term means cold weather, dew, frost. Although the recent frost can not be seen in Jiangsu, the temperature gradually drops, and the highest temperature drops to 20 degrees centigrade. The rain will always love to the end of the month, but today the rain gradually smaller to stop, you can go out. Wash and shine, too. It’s going to rain again on Tuesday! Although the intensity of Typhoon "seahorse" has weakened yesterday, a lot of rain circulation around it, combined with cold air, still brings the influence of strong wind and heavy rain to Jiangsu. Today the weather is better, don’t expect the good Sunday After rain the sky looks blue., an invigorating autumn climate is not urgent, but the wind rain, want to go out is not so much trouble. After the National Day holiday, the rainy days will never end. After this Boyu finish, can end? The observatory says it’s not over yet! Tomorrow night may have showers cloudy daytime harassment, overall, moderately fine. However, starting Tuesday, a new round of precipitation will open till the end of the month before will be intermittent underground. Want to clear up, wait for November. Today, the "frost", the temperature has decreased significantly. The maximum temperature drops to 20 degrees centigrade, and even drops to below 20 degrees in the next few days. Low temperatures are more pronounced. This morning, Huaibei is only 13 to 14 degrees centigrade, and the temperature drops from 11 to 12 degrees after the day. Nanjing three day weather today overcast, sometimes light rain and gradually overcast, cloudy, northeast wind 5 gust 6 to 7, 17~20 degrees tomorrow cloudy to overcast, at night there is a slight rain, 14~21 degrees after the day cloudy cloudy, night overcast with shower, 15~20 degrees

今明天气转好抓紧洗晒 周二新一轮雨水来袭快报讯(记者 徐岑)今天“霜降”,这是秋季最后一个节气,意味着天气寒冷,白露凝霜。江苏近期虽然还看不见霜,但是温度逐渐下降,最高温回落到20℃出头。阴雨也会一直缠绵到月底,不过今天雨渐渐变小转停,可以出门了。洗晒也要抓紧,周二起又要下雨了!虽然昨天台风“海马”强度已经减弱,但是它周围大量的带雨环流,与冷空气结合后,仍然给江苏带来了大风大雨的影响。今天天气就好多了,不奢望雨过天晴、秋高气爽的美好星期天,但是风不急雨不大,想要出门也不那么麻烦了。国庆假期后,阴雨天就没完没了。这波雨下完之后,能结束吗?气象台表示,还没完!今明两天夜里可能有阵雨骚扰,白天总体多云为主,勉强算作好天。但是,从周二开始,新一轮降水又将开启,到月底前都会断断续续地下着。想要放晴得等11月了。今天“霜降”,气温已经明显下降。最高温度降到20℃出头,后面几天甚至会下降到20℃以下。低温更明显,今天早晨淮北地区只有13到14℃,后天就降到11到12℃了。南京三日天气今天 阴有时有小雨并渐止转阴到多云,东北风5级阵风6到7级,17~20℃明天 多云到阴,夜里局部有小雨,14~21℃后天 多云转阴,夜里阴有阵雨,15~20℃相关的主题文章:

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