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Thousands of people, thousands of miles away in Ninghai encounter stone village – Sohu is the world tourism tour pal there is a group of people in a family, they do not ask the source of identity, ask the name origin, they have no distinction or distinction, no property rights disputes chaos, together they only because of the simple fate and preferences. Ninghai, Zhejiang Province in the middle of the coastline, is under the jurisdiction of Ningbo County, this is a historical cultural mountain city, history, buried many little-known stories? This is the first time I came to Ninghai, very lucky hit thousands of people for the big event, thousands of miles away in Ninghai. In this era of advocating life, sports as the mainstream of health fitness, participation is imperative. This is an organized, there are elements of the mountain trip, so that only occasionally Dai d look boring fitness becomes a variety of styles, the introduction of the game elements to make the whole event more attractive. Punctually at 6:30 from Xinghai primary school starting in front of the big wind forces ran, leaving the rest of us and some group tour pal late, they are from other places of outdoor enthusiasts, Ninghai also has Ningbo local fitness enthusiasts. Every kind of strangers, strangers are laughing, as if on a lifetime of old acquaintance. We have a road of mutual aid, occasionally humorous ridicule and interaction, a dozen kilometers seems I did not imagine so far away. This is a group of deaf tour pal team, although they cannot speak, such defects may not become an obstacle for them, live and enjoy life’s obstacles. They will live even happier than some normal people. A road is steep, flat, broad, narrow, with the rain without stop, go to the mountain road becomes more muddy. The troops had run off without a trace, the buddies I think most of them are in a leisurely manner to enjoy, enjoy walking along a road scenery, some steep slippery but not dangerous slope, but men still have to pay attention to the weak woman, accidentally will easily slip; see some of the abandoned houses only broken walls; deeper, more cheerful scenery, with the top of the stacked scattered field with the tea plantation, retained the stone walls of the old house, and UVA Ivy incorporation of some modern convenience, but also more comfortable old villa, a buddy with camping in a small clearing once houses near the talking, attracted several soft woman marvel again and again, is very interesting. The first feeling is not chic stunning, yet simple, fresh air is the heart and lung wash. Thousands of miles away in Ninghai first stop end point station Xujiashan — encounter stone village took nearly 5 hours, more than and 11 km walk a thousand miles away, finally arrived in Ninghai the first stop end point station, xujiashan. This is a hidden in the mountains of stone village, the village houses are built of stone piled up. A seemingly deserted old abandoned house, but into a look, surprised to find that even people live, but are elderly people, I think they are unable to build these broken walls. The ancient village canteen, although in the mountains, but did not sell it.相关的主题文章:

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