Two degrees placards Hui ball technology to nominate board members relai Jiayu

Two degrees placards Hui ball technology to nominate board members relai Jiayu hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million, reporter Huang Qun, editor Qiu Jiang said it will continue to increase since August 9th Hui ball technology, we rely on the market quickly promises. Hui ball technology today announced, we have recently completed rely on the company’s two degrees placards, currently holds a 10.000018% stake. Announcements, August 11th -9 month 5 days during relai Jiayu through the SSE centralized auction trading system total holdings of 19 million 739 thousand and 800 shares of Hui ball technology, the average transaction price of 16.26 yuan shares, the actual cost of 321 million yuan. The changes in equity, relai Jiayu holds 19 million 739 thousand and 600 shares of Hui ball technology, the company’s total share capital of 4.999978%; the equity changes, its total holdings of Hui ball technology 39 million 479 thousand and 400 shares, representing 10.000018% of total share capital. The detailed equity also disclosed in today’s report of changes in relai Jiayu said that within 12 months after the changes in equity, intends to market in two to choose the holdings of shares of listed companies, the amount of holdings of not less than 50 million yuan. At present, the Hui ball technology on suspicion of illegal disclosure of information, the Commission has been investigated. At the same time, the Shanghai stock exchange requires the company all high Dong supervisor personnel to seriously implement the rectification requirements, to complete the rectification work in September 9th, and the rectification report in the afternoon before the submission of a written 17:00. The Shanghai Stock Exchange will look at the implementation of the rectification of the company, the company decided to implement the stock ST. Silgen Jiayu in Hui ball technology is so eventful period to continue to increase, people can not help but speculate its holdings motivation. To this end, we make a Relais said, and the company has been on the holdings of the Department of the prospects for the future development of Hui ball technology, in view of the current directors of the listed company governance and performance will seriously affect the interests of the company and all shareholders, reliance technology as the first major shareholders previously to urge the parties to perform the relevant duties strictly implement the regulatory requirements, the company will be listed as soon as possible to governance and development track, avoid risk, safeguard the interests of all shareholders. For future development, we will rely, to exercise the rights of shareholders, to replace or nominate qualified directors, supervisors, senior managers of listed companies to higher. However, from the current situation of listed companies, we want to rely not easy to exercise these rights. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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