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Walk four crossings store clerk cigraette closing customer complaints unmoved pregnant women and children dining clerk cigraette closing other customers have complained to the merchant but the other did not deal with the Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingya) the day before yesterday afternoon 1 pm, Chen woman to seven months pregnant and family dining in the walk four crossing the lobby. Who knows, to eat half, a cigarette holding the waiter came to close. Ms. Chen is a protest, but the clerk unmoved. Other customers also complained to businesses, but businesses did not make a deal. In this regard, Beijing 12320 complaints telephone customer service, said the current illegal smoking complaints received by telephone, the public can directly dial 12320. Ms Chan told reporters that the day more than 12 to the shop at noon, because there is no box, the table in the lobby of the 14 people dining. "Because we eat dinner late, a lot of tables in the lobby of the customers are finished, the table is not clear. Soon, a table next to our guests also finished, and several attendants came to clean up the table." Chen did not care to eat a meal, suddenly smelled a smell of smoke. "Smoking is not allowed in the dining room. I haven’t seen any smoking customers for a long time. Who knows, suddenly turned around, the original one in the work of the waiter is holding a cigarette, while smoking side dishes on the table." Ms. Chen said, the waiter smoking smoking, neither fast nor slow and picking up the dishes, beside him and several helpful staff. In the hall, there are 4 other guests besides us. We’ve got two kids, and I’m a pregnant woman of about 7 months. Moreover, the next two tables have children. We are all very angry, more than once asked him to put out the smoke. But the waiter didn’t seem to hear it." She said the lobby manager and other attendants saw this scene, but no one stopped. The reporter saw Ms. Chen photo, a waiter is indeed a cigarette in the mouth to clear the table. Reporters from another customer Mr. Wang learned that someone had found the lobby manager complaints, a forewoman said smoking is new, also did not make a deal, the waiter is still on my side smoking. "Until it’s all over, he’s in the smoke. Our customers can consciously abide by the indoor smoking, the waiter can not do it?" This reporter asked the lobby manager, but she said, not on duty, which do not know". In this regard, the Beijing public health hotline staff said that for illegal smoking complaints mainly by telephone, the public can call 12320. Clue: Ms. Wu to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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