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Home-and-Family Before CSS servers, Counterstrike was a very popular game. There are still people playing CS 1.6 today, but most bought better PC’s and switched to CS Source. You can have either a tactical slow game or a fast paced all guns blazing spray and prey style match up. There are different maps to .pliment these varying gameplays. With anything from four a side to potentially thirty-two you have to be able to adapt and cope with both types of thinking. Clans enjoy playing either 5 v 5 or 7 v 7 but smaller or larger teams have been known. Counterstrike offers two main types of gameplay- either with the terrorists planting a bomb, or the counter terrorists rescuing a VIP. The many plugins and addons are what has enhanced Counterstrike and made it so successful. Many cool game types such as surf and Warcraft are available. The admin tools made available make admin on the server an easy life. For anything but the more .plicated functions, RCON is ideal. The game is as rich for mods as it is custom maps. Some maps are specifically built for certain mods, others work on all gametypes. The original game types – bomb and hostage are still catered for. These maps still prove to be the most popular with gamers. The game employs weapons from different armies from all around the world. Each weapon mimics recoil, range and power of the real world weapons. There has always been much debate as to which weapons are better. Counterstrike is relatively simple to run on a dedicated server, and one single server can host many different game servers. It also allows better control as you are able to edit your own start line and thus you can change player slots and the start map. Alongside the text based team and general chat you also have voice in-game. The in-game .munication is easy to use, but the sound quality isn’t up to much. This is why gamers often get a voice server like Ventrilo or Teamspeak 3 which has a much better quality to it and works in the same way. Not only that it can be used outside of the game for chatting with mates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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