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Yang Mi Liu Shishi Ni Ni Li Bingbing bazaar Charity Night of the goddess who is the most kind-hearted person in September 9, 2016, "BAZAAR Star Charity Night landing again and 99 day of Beijing jointly held the most high-profile charity banquet, the scene of many popular stars involved, not only popular combination, there are three big star team for love. Bazaar and 99 public on jointly organized Charity Night is underway, this fusion of the charity, fashion and star activities like the annual homecoming, old classmates with achievements this year have come back here. This year, the new school seniors of noble character and high prestige and little meat to assume the tasks assigned by the alma mater. Three, Deng Chao, Huang Xiaoming, Huang Bo will be three star team in love: three mutual charity to call captain. Although I don’t know who can get the "little red flower", but the play has been performed, we first take a look at the red carpet who can win! The red team captain: Deng Chao Liu Yifei, team players: Li Yuchun, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Zhang Yuqi, Sun Li, Ethan Ruan, Leanne Li, Wong Cho Lam, Zheng Kai, Li Chen, Xiao Shenyang, Ma Sichun and Deng Chao are the red team group strength rating A+, are out of fashion cooperation activities of the big coffee. The status of Deng Chao Sun Li face husband and wife "empress" home in the red carpet with a full red team captain Deng Chao Sun Li with wife adult debut, Deng Chao and Huang Xiaoming as captain choose black suit collocation of white shirts, Sun Li will only choose a simple and elegant style to attend the charity banquet. Two people are all simple, flat light, this may be what we are in the pursuit of such as water like natural happiness. Oscar de la Renta pink green dress debut fairy sister Liu Yifei let a person shine. Did not expect the white line fresh fairy sister can be so tender. Close fitting clipping reflects her beautiful curve, the waist rose more she add a playful. Liu Shishi always give people a kind of good feeling, dressed in Georges Hobeika 2016 autumn and winter high light pink dress, she is still a touch of beauty, but it is like a ray of light, so that people can not move away. Judith Leiber Chanel handbags and senior jewelry collocation just perfect. Yang Mi effortlessly mastered these pieces of WeCouture2016 winter series black embroidered dress, black and blue background set off her mother’s identity calm temperament, chest and back, and the parrot flower embroidery with a lively temperament girl. Girl hot mama worthy of the name. (CHAUMET, CHOO, JIMMY jewelry, handbags shoes Giuseppe Zanotti Design): yellow team captain: Huang Xiaoming Ni Ni, Wu Yifan, the players: Angelababy, Li Yifeng, Victoria Song, Wallace Huo, Ruby Lin, Xie Nan, Wang Dalu, Jolin, Yundi Li, Guan Yue, Tong Dawei, Huang Yi, left the yellow team Huang Xiaoming group although the usual fashion index as the red team, but a few couple together to board the red carpet real sweet burst table. Captain Huang Xiaoming and his wife Baby yellow and red carpet together, the so-called Shenxianjuanlv is just so so, the perfect interpretation of baby.相关的主题文章:

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