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Yifu Lin Street scholars fallacy: the concept of Yifu Lin’s "unrealistic assumption Street fallacy" Liu Shengjun [the government really need to be concerned about not industrial policy, but through deepening the reform of the establishment of the rule of law, lower taxes, less control of the market economy. What will become the industry to promote innovation in the stars of tomorrow, or to the market to play a decisive role, "let God be God, Caesar caesar". The government’s industrial policy of "offside" and "Absence" in the reform, this is the greatest danger Chinese] in recent years, Professor Yifu Lin’s views have sparked controversy, stir a pond. The essence of Yifu Lin’s "new structural economics" is "the theory of promising government". On this one, those of the "let the market play a decisive role on the officials immediately got restless shield theory. In fact, this is a kind of "street fallacy": people who lost their money under the street light, just because there is light, not because there is a place to lose money. The core idea of "the theory of the government" needs to be clarified first that there is no denying the significance of the government. As the originator of economics, Adam Smith described, although the market economy driven by self-interest behavior of each participant, but still need the government as "night watchman". Therefore, any society needs the government to maintain the rule of law, fair competition, private property of the social order, which is self-evident truth. Even if "the end of history" author Fukuyama in the recent writings, "government, democracy and the rule of law" tied for the realization of the three pillars of social order. But Yifu Lin’s theory of "promising government" is not here. The core idea is: 1 the government should actively guide industrial policy: "in the structural change process, there must be a pioneer, pioneer will have a lot of externalities, and the upgrading of industrial technology in the process, must have perfect infrastructure with the system, this is not the entrepreneur can internalized in his decision-making, there must be government coordination. Many private companies in the same field to improve the relevant investment, and some must be provided by the state. Who wants to be the first person to eat crab? If the first person to eat crab without the government actively cooperate with him, he will not succeed." 2 investment: "rational consumption is certainly important, but the premise of consumption growth is increasing income levels, the premise of increasing income levels is the level of labor productivity continues to improve, it is also the premise of technology innovation, continuous upgrading of industries, improving infrastructure. These are what is the premise of investment. And statistics show that when China’s investment led to the most serious criticism of the past few years, in fact, since the reform and opening up the fastest growing consumption of those years." 3 most of the government intervention is right: "China’s rapid development over the past thirty years, it should be said that most of the government intervention is correct…… If there is no successful industrial policy, 9.8% per year, the rapid growth of the last 35 years is how to come? You go to Dongguan to see, each township to see each project, are actively engaged in government investment, there are industrial policy investment." It is based on the above theory相关的主题文章:

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