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The one thing worse than having a break-in while youre away, is having one when you and your loved ones are home. Home invasions can be very traumatic, especially for young children. Safe Home Security, Inc. provides home alarm systems to protect you and your family when at home. But what about those occasions when you are away for the evening and the children are home with a babysitter? How do you ensure everyones protection in your absence? Use these safe home security guidelines to help keep your loved ones safe and your mind at ease while you and your spouse are away and your kids are home with a babysitter. First, give your babysitter a list of contact phone numbers and clear information regarding your plans for the evening: your destination(s), the expected time of your arrival, the duration of time you will be there and the time youll be back home. Be sure your babysitter has your cell phone number, the phone number of the restaurant or place(s) youll be that evening, and your spouses cell phone number. Your babysitter should know your home address and phone number in the event they need to call for help. Be sure to provide them with a list of all local emergency numbers from poison control centers to the sheriff, police departments and fire stations. The babysitter should be given a list or envelope with the names, ages, pictures and weights of your children. In that kit should also be the name and phone numbers of three neighbors you trust that are available while youre out. Inform your babysitter of any problems or issues your children may have (allergies, medications) and how to handle them. You should have a posted list of house rules that the babysitter has read and understands. Keep a flashlight on the counter or in an accessible location. Your babysitter should know where that is and what to do if theres a power outage in the house. Explain to your babysitter how to activate and deactivate your home alarm security system. If you have an emergency panic button or key fob, make sure your babysitter keeps it with them or around their wrist at all times. Every window and every door should be locked when you leave for the evening. Your babysitter should understand how all of your locks work so that the entire house can remain locked while youre away. Clearly communicate to your babysitter whether or not he/she is allowed to take or drive the children anywhere while you are away. If allowed, be sure your babysitter understands any concerns or restrictions you may have. Let them know where the children can and cannot be taken. Make sure your babysitter understands that no houseguests are allowed in your home during your absence. And they must know the best way to get your children out of the house in case of a fire. Share your fire escape plan with them, as well as the location of your homes emergency exits and fire extinguishers. Remember to leave a second vehicle parked in the driveway when you go out for the evening to give the illusion that adults are clearly home. Make sure your babysitter understands they are not to open the door for anyone without your permission should someone come to the door while you are away. And needless to say, your babysitter should be able to give references if she or he is new. Be sure to check these references! Background checks are very important. They give you an important chance to find out more about your potential babysitter, and will probably give you greater peace-of-mind while you are away. About the Author: Safe Home Security, Inc. engages in marketing, installing, and servicing security systems for most residential and commercial security applications. Customers receive 24-hour monitored protection from crime, medical, environmental and fire-related emergencies and may choose from a full array of professional security equipment and services, including master control panels and keypads, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, door and window sensors. For more Article Published On: – Home-Improvement 相关的主题文章:

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