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Zhangjiajie, a quarter of the Sohu through the stunning tourism scenic beauty, not only by extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature, is the way to pursuit the scenery, isexhausted between the temper line; the warmth of family, not only from the family blood is thicker than water, but also in the way to accompany each other, the wind and rain in the human hand in hand; this beautiful, only from a stranger, is accompanied by the way, encourage each other through thick and thin! Through the amazing time, Zhangjiajie summer heaven, always looking at the earth, our every act and every move. Their constant self-improvement, our efforts, God must also look in the eyes of God, deliberately tempered person may not be a dangerous situation, poured into our heads. July in Zhangjiajie, there are mountains, there is water, there are peaks, with monkeys, there are clouds sunrise Buddha, and we! Zhangjiajie in July, there are hot, humid, heavy rain, landslides, there are countless people lined up, but not our turn! In July 2016, 15 children and 14 adults, together with their feet, to measure the peak, through Zhangjiajie. Across Zhangjiajie, with eyes to gaze at their peak; through Zhangjiajie, ear to listen to a peak; across Zhangjiajie, with our body and mind, go into the forest! We through the season, the rain, the weather forecast every day so that each of us are ready to rain every day. God was a mercy, all the rain and in it, or move elsewhere; or a dangerous situation, but let the sky Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., our heads, but a floating clouds or rain; after the night, only to come, let us feel at ease during the day to walk, to play; or, let us out of the mountains back to sloshing neither fast nor slow. The car, or, in the ensuing heave rain; heavy rain caused landslides landslides, also tell us, let us calmly go! Zhangjiajie through the season, seven days, summer, hiking, tens of kilometers of the mountain, everyone saw how to go beyond themselves; witness the child grew old parents; witnessed the peak highway robbery group; witness the Zhangjiajie landscape, how to use cloud hand, conjure up an amazing world! The world’s stunning, half from the magic of nature and magic, half from each person’s perseverance and sweat! Meet, that is good with children, walking on the road. Meets, the strange landscape; meets the different scenery; meets, the unusual person; meets, other people’s mother and father and others family’s child; meets, is beautiful and is moved! Chubby and easy-going about the tree: son, silent love as a father, occasionally conflict because of misunderstanding of the scene, the collision between the soul of the silence between father and son, inclusive, Speechless these pictures, like a scene of silent film, long distant. Apple and travel: optimistic adventurous daughter, forbear generous tough and confident father, demonstration and practice the teachings diligently, makes a bold generous child. Perhaps, the child looked up, is the father of the top of the Mount Everest in the figure; and the father, in the height of a quiet overlooking, female.相关的主题文章:

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